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The vision of LSMU Primary School – an advanced, open to sustainable changes, comprehensively developing personality organisation.

LSMU Primary School opened its doors in September 2019. With the goal of educating children in a safe ALL-DAY school. The Primary School is a branch of the LSMU Gymnasium.





  • Innovative quality education and management.
  • National identity and civic education.
  • Development of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Development of internationality.

High quality of pre-school and primary education, equivalence of general and subject competencies, experiential integrated learning in a “school without borders”, a wide circle of social partners, education of a healthy person, colourful ergonomic furniture, SMART boards, and Apple tablets, specialised and modern classrooms are the uniqueness of the school. At LSMU Primary School, great attention is paid to personality development and a healthy lifestyle. 

30 %
continue their education at LSMU Gymnasium
extra-curricular clubs providing various activities
37 years
the average age of teachers
  • We cooperate with many social partners (LSMU, VDU, the communities of Kaunas Clinics Nursery “Lašeliai” and boys’ choral singing school “Varpelis”);
  • Entrepreneurship education classes are organised;
  • International project activities are implemented together with Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, French and other schools.



Our school believes that it will provide children not only with excellent knowledge, but also make it possible for them to feel good and safe in their school. Your support is necessary and very important for this. We will be happy and proud of every sponsor of our school.

We kindly remind you that according to Part 3 of Article 34 of the Law on Personal Income Tax of the Republic of Lithuania a natural person can give the State Tax Inspectorate under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania the right to allocate up to 2% of the amount of personal income tax paid by them to a certain organisation entitled to receive support.

Having decided to support the school, you should fill out the application form FR0512 – 02.


  • Fill out the form using electronic banking, i.e., electronically, fill out the application and submit it to VMI at:

Submit the completed application form directly to the Kaunas VMI employee (address: Europos pr.105, Kaunas.) This must be done by the person themselves.

  • The application form can be filled in on a computer – download the form FRO512(02) from the VMI website, fill it out on the computer, print it and submit it directly to the VMI.
  • The application form can be filled in by hand – a paper form of the application form FRO512(02) is available free of charge at each VMI department.

  • the form must be filled in capital letters;
  • it is not possible to submit completed forms to VMI through third parties;
  • You must submit the application form no later than 1 May of the current year

LSMU Gymnasium Branch Primary School
Žeimenos g. 106, Kaunas, Lietuva
+370 619 77993