Cost programos veiklos

COST programos veiklos

Projekto pavadinimasMetaiPadalinys
Cognitive decline in nephro-neurology: European cooperative target2020-2024MF Nefrologijos kl.
Lobular breast cancer: discovery science, translational goals, clinical impact (LOBSTERPOT)2020-2024Kardiologijos inst.
Network on privacy-aware audio-and video-based applications for active and assisted living (AAL)2020-2024SF Slaugos ir rūpybos k-ra
International interdisciplinary network on smart healthy age-friendly environments (NET4AGE-FRIENDLY)2020-2024SF Slaugos ir rūpybos k-ra
Towards an International Network for Evidence-based Research in Clinical Health Research (EBRES)2020-2022SF Geriatrijos k-ra
Rationing-missed nursing care: an international and multidimensional problem2019-2023SF Slaugos ir rūpybos k-ra
Statistical and machine learning techniques in human microbiome studies2019-2023MF Virškinimo sistemos tyrimų inst.
European cholangiocarcinoma network2019-2023MF Virškinimo sistemos tyrimų inst.
European Network for Optimization of Veterinary Antimicrobial Treatment2019-2023VF Maisto saugos ir kokybės k-ra
Prospective European Drug-Induced Liver Injury Network2018-2022MF Fiziologijos ir farmakologijos inst.
Correlated Multimodal Imaging in Life Sciences 2018-2022Neuromokslų inst.
New diagnostic and therapeutic tools against multidrug resistant tumors2018-2022Kardiologijos inst.
Standardizing output-based surveillance to control non-regulated diseases of cattle in the EU 2018-2022VF Maisto saugos ir kokybės k-ra
Combatting anthelmintic resistance in ruminants (COMBAR)2018-2021VF Veterinarinės patobiologijos k-ra
SOUGDOugh biotechnology network towards novel, healthier ans sustainable food and bloproCesses2018-2021GMF Gyvūnų auginimo technologijų inst.
Realising the therapeutic potential of novel cardioprotective therapies2017-2021Neuromokslų inst.
European network for problematic usage of the internet2017-2021Neuromokslų inst.
Mitochondrial mapping: Evolution – Age – Gender – Lifestyle – Environment (MITOEAGLE)2016-2020Neuromokslų inst.
An integrative action for multidisciplinary studies on cellular structural networks2016-2020MF Pulmonologijos kl.
Rationing-missed nursing care: an international and multidimensional problem2016-2020SF Slaugos ir rūpybos k-ra
Understanding and combating African Swine Fever in Europe (ASF-STOP)2016-2020VF Anatomijos ir fiziologijos k-ra
Synergy for preventing damaging behaviour in group housed pigs and chickens2016-2020Gyvulininkystės inst.