Kaunas clinics

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Kaunas clinics

Established more than 80 years ago, the hospital is a world-class institution that combines clinical practice, research and medical studies. Kaunas clinics are open to people from all over Lithuania, and extremely high-quality healthcare services are provided to everyone who comes here.

Kaunas Clinics are equipped with modern diagnostic and treatment technologies. Here, the most serious and rarest diseases are successfully diagnosed and treated, and extremely complex surgeries and procedures are performed. Kaunas Clinics employ more than 1200 highly qualified doctors, almost 2,400 nursing professionals and nearly a thousand  resident physicians. More than 1 million patients visit the outpatient departments of Kaunas Clinics every year and almost 83,000 are treated in the hospital as inpatients. Kaunas Clinics is a modern medical institution, where the most advanced medical technologies are implemented in combination with the development of clinical practice and studies.


LSMU ligoninė Kauno klinikos
LSMU ligoninė Kauno klinikos, Eivenių gatvė, Kaunas, Lithuania
+37037326375 rastine@kaunoklinikos.lt
Eivenių g. 2 LT-50161 Kaunas