LSMU Ambassador Programme

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Ambassador’s functions are as follows:

  • Consult those who are interested in studies at the LSMU and share his/her experience of studies at LSMU and life in Lithuania.
  • Together with the University representatives participate in the University “Open Days” and other events (education fairs, etc.). The participation is coordinated with the student’s learning process, considering timetables of the classes and assessments.
  • Attend the Ambassadors’ meetings every two months. The meetings are organized and conducted by the LSMU International Office. During the meetings the Ambassadors are to be provided with the relevant information and the activities performed by the Ambassadors and the results of the activities are discussed. Trainings on necessary topics are also conducted during the meetings.

Benefits for the Ambassador:

  • Development of skills in public speaking, communication, presentation, teamwork, networking, leadership, organization and confidence.
  • Possibility to expand networks with LSMU academic and professional stuff, students from different programmes and external professionals.
  • Possibility to travel to other countries to take part in higher education fairs.
  • Earning of Certificates of Appreciation and Letters of Recommendation.
  • The period of the Ambassador’s participation in the Programme is determined according to the candidates’ motivation and possibilities.
  • Selection is carried out in accordance with the demand.
  • The information about the Ambassadors’ selection is spread by sending e-mails to the international students and with the help of the LSMU Student Union.
  • The selection is carried out by the LSMU International Office.
  • The candidates must fill the online questionnaire and the selected candidates are invited for an interview.
  • 3rd or upper year international degree students;
  • Enthusiasm, positivity, willingness to develop personal skills;
  • Extraverted, supportive personality type;
  • Good academic standing;
  • Ability to perform the Ambassador’s functions.

Note: Student Ambassador’s participation in the Programme may be suspended/ discontinued due to his/her inappropriate behaviour or performance of the functions.

Trainings in public speaking, persuasive communication and other topics relevant to the Ambassador’s functions are organized according to the demand. Ambassadors’ trainings guidelines are prepared for each subsequent year by the end of January along with the indication of the required resources.

If you have questions about LSMU Ambassador Programme, please, contact Ambassador Programme coordinator Justina Vonžodienė:

Victoria: To be an ambassador for your country is a great possibility to represent LSMU. It is really great to work with possible students, which would like to come to LSMU, to answer their questions, help them during their application process and preparing them for the entrance exam. The best part of it is that you are able to support them in such an important decision for their life and make their arriving in Lithuania as nice as possible. During Open days there is a possibility to represent your university and show future students the faculties of LSMU, showing them why it is worth to study at LSMU and why it is a great decision to study at this university.

Victoria Pascale Schegerer, Germany,
Medicine 4th year

Nick:  My name is Nick, and I’m a LSMU ambassador for 2 years. Being an ambassador means that we willingly take the responsibility to become the faces and voices of our university for future medical professions students. 

We engage in the activities to promote and lead the future students from the first moment they think about starting studies in the university up to the first steps in Kaunas.

Seminars, conventions, open days and tours are only a part of the duties of ambassadors where you get to see our university through the young eyes of the future students and their parents, as well as practice your speaking and presenting skills. We lead events, talk and show the future students around the facilities. We mentor the future students till they meet their classmates and the first-year mentors.

With this great privilege comes great responsibility to be the face of LSMU.

Ilia Nick Delon, Israel,
Medicine 4th year