Funding for Scientific Projects

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In implementing the Lithuanian Science Policy, the Lithuanian Science Council not only carries out expert activities and evaluation of scientific activities, but also implements competitive funding programmes. Competitive funding makes it possible to involve young researchers and doctoral students in the activities of research groups and to guarantee appropriate remuneration. More information on the RCL website.

The Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology is the main state institution responsible for implementing innovation policy in the country. The main activities of the Agency include the administration of national and international applied research, experimental (technological) development and innovation programmes, competitive financing of projects in these programmes. More information on the Agency.


Horizon Europe – is the new research and innovation funding programme of the European Union for 2021-2027. More information about the programme and the relevant calls for applications can be found on the European Commission website. The information of national contact representatives is available on the website of the Research Council of Lithuania.

Cross-border programmes (bilateral, trilateral) are financed and initiated by the Research Council of Lithuania. Participation in initiated cross-border programmes (bilateral, trilateral) provides an opportunity for high-level institutions from different countries (Lithuania-Latvia; Lithuania-Poland; Lithuania-Latvia-China) to cooperate, thereby sharing accumulated experience and jointly implementing scientific research. Also, with the help of cooperation, new innovative networks are created. Current programme invitations are posted here. More information about cross-border programs (bilateral, trilateral) can be found on the  RCL website.

The COST programme – is a cooperation programme of European countries in the field of science and technology (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). Its aim is to coordinate nationally funded research – to support the cooperation of European researchers in the generation and implementation of new ideas and initiatives in all fields of research, including the social sciences and humanities. COST is implemented through high-quality new international networks covering several fields of science – COST activities. More information about the COST programme can be found on the RCL website and on the COST website.


In order to encourage more active cooperation between KTU, LSMU, VDU and LEI scientists and the development of young scientific leaders at the University and the competences of doctoral students, a competition for scientific projects of KTU, LSMU, VDU and LEI is announced every year. The competition is announced every year in February. Projects start in April.


All funds and programmes publish detailed information about the competitions they organise. In the university, information about research and technological development programmes and funds is collected and scientists are advised by the Development Department and the Research Centre.

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