Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Nursing


The Faculty of Nursing of the Medical Academy of LSMU is an academic unit that trains and develops highly qualified specialists in nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, provides knowledge and develops professional skills.

Students are actively involved in nursing, midwifery, rehabilitation, gerontology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy research, and in the formulation and implementation of health policy and strategy.

LSMU Faculty of Nursing is a WHO collaborative centre in the field of Nursing Studies and Practice. The Faculty of Nursing strongly promotes international cooperation and student and faculty exchange programmes.

The main tasks of the Faculty of Nursing are:

  • To ensure high-quality training programmes for nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy and occupational therapy specialists, to strive for their compliance with the requirements of the European Union;
  • To strive for the studies of the Faculty of Nursing to be accessible to young people and workers in the health care and similar sectors;
  • To integrate a wide range of study programmes and research in nursing, midwifery, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, gerontology and geriatrics;
  • To train highly qualified nurses, midwives, occupational therapists, physiotherapists with the help of information technologies and effective teaching methods, to actively participate in the training of other healthcare workers.

For the implementation of these tasks, the Faculty closely cooperates with various structural and functional departments of LSMU, academic and professional, non-governmental, state, business organisations and individuals of Lithuania and foreign countries.



The Faculty of Nursing conducts integrated, second and third cycle studies:

4 Bachelor’s (first cycle) study programmes:

4 Master’s (second cycle) study programmes:

  • Nursing Leadership (lithuanian);
  • Advanced Nursing Practice (lithuanian and english);
  • Health and Rehabilitation (lithuanian);
  • Art Therrapy (lithuanian).

3 study programmes are conducted in English: Bachelor’s (first cycle) study programmes in Nursing and Occupational Therapy and Master’s (second cycle) study programme in Advanced Nursing Practice.

Diplomas in nursing and rehabilitation are recognised internationally. Graduates of the faculty who have obtained a high qualification have the right to work in all health care institutions of the country.

In Lithuania, only LSMU has the right to conduct doctoral studies in the field of nursing.



Faculty of Nursing 2015–2020 doctoral research topics:

Geriatrics Clinic: “Research and Development of Prerequisites for Healthy Ageing”. Head of the research topic Prof. Vita Lesauskaitė.

Nursing Clinic: “Science-based nursing and change in professional values”. Head of the research topic Prof. Aurelija Blaževičienė; – “Spirituality in healthcare: the quality of patients’ spiritual care and the spiritual support competencies of healthcare professionals – an interdisciplinary approach”. Head of the research topic Prof. Olga Riklikienė

Rehabilitation clinic: “Evaluation of patients’ biopsychosocial disorders and their correction in rehabilitation”. Head of the research topic Assoc. Prof. Raimondas Kubilius.

Children’s Rehabilitation Clinic: “Developmental and functional impairment in children”. Head of the research topic Assoc. Prof. Audronė Prasauskienė.

Sports Medicine Clinic: “Integrated assessment of physical health from a multidisciplinary perspective”. Head of the research topic Prof. Rimtautas Gudas.

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