Prevention of Corruption

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At the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, special attention is paid to the prevention of corruption, the purpose of which is to find out and eliminate the assumptions of corruption in the university during studies, scientific activities, participating in the provision of human and animal healthcare services; to ensure more transparent and efficient activities of the university and its employees; to develop tolerance for corruption among University employees, students and society and to ensure public trust in our institution.

The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences urges all persons who have encountered a possible criminal act of a corrupt nature in the institution (bribery, bribery of an intermediary, abuse of official position, abuse of authority and other criminal acts of a corrupt nature, if it was committed during the provision of public services, employees in the implementation of tasks assigned to them, when seeking benefits for oneself or other persons), do not keep silent and definitely report this to the person responsible for the implementation and control of corruption prevention at the university – Deputy Head of the Legal Department Daiva Jankauskaitė  – in person in writing or by sending (submitting) a notification (contacts below). We guarantee anonymity.

Corruption can be reported to STT:

  • in writing;
  • leave a message to STT by selecting the “Report” link on the STT website;
  • 24/7 “hotline” number in Vilnius (8 5) 266 33 33;
  • by e-mail .