Urology Unit was established in Kaunas Clinics on 27 September 1955, and in 1992 the Department of Urology clinic was established. It consists of Urology Department of LSMU Kaunas Clinics and Urology Consultation Rooms of LSMU Kaunas Clinics Consultation Polyclinic. Experienced doctors are working here. There are 35 beds in the Department. Approximately 2000 patients are treated each year. About 1800 surgeries are performed, 30-40 kidney transplants are performed.

The aim of LSMU Kaunas Clinics Department of Urology is to provide students and residents with modern urology knowledge, to develop modern urology science and to provide qualified, timely modern assistance based on evidence for patients with urological and onco-urological diseases.

The doctors of LSMU Kaunas Clinics meet Western standards with diagnostic equipment (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, positron emission computed tomography, ultrasonic devices) quickly examine patients and establish a diagnosis.

Kaunas Clinics Hospital is multi-profile, therefore, urological patients, especially those with oncological diseases, are consulted by other top-level specialists such as oncologists chemotherapists, radiologists, nephrologists, microbiologists, reanimatologists. This is especially important when choosing the right treatment tactics and saving patients from difficult and complex conditions.

Directions of clinical activity

The main directions of the work of the clinic are:
oncology, transplantanthology, plastic and reconstructive urology; treatment of kidney stones, metaphylaxis and prophylaxis, andrology, application of minimally invasive surgical methods in the treatment of urological patients.

All transurethral surgeries are performed: resection of the prostate due to prostate enlargement, resection of the bladder due to tumours, urethrotomies and others. Minimally invasive procedures are performed – renal artery embolisation, percutaneous nephrostomy, retrograde and antecradic internal seminal vein sclerotherapy, laparoscopic v. testicularis ligation, the connection between the testicular artery and the veins of the pampiniform plexus. Kidney stones are treated with modern methods, endoscopic surgeries are performed (ureteroscopic and percutaneous nephrolithotripsy with flexible and rigid instruments), extracorporeal lithotripsy. 
Specialists of the department are actively involved in the “early diagnosis of prostate cancer” programme via consultations, diagnosis and treatment .

Other achievements of the Department

Doctors of the Department of Urology are active members of Lithuanian Urologists’ and European Urologists’ associations, participating in the activities of Lithuanian Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation Association, Lithuanian Society of Urogynaecology.  

Close contacts with Western European and US Urology Clinics are maintained, exchange programmes are carried out inviting international urologists to our Department to share their experience. Many urologists have gained experience in a variety of international clinics.

The clinic participates in the medical study programme, the 5th-year Faculty of Medicine students, the module – “Pathology of the Kidney and Urinary Tract and Clinical Toxicology”; in the preparation of medical residents “Urology programme”. Training courses for post-graduate studies in the field of biomedicine are organised: Oncology; Endourology; prostate diseases. Modern trends in diagnosis and treatment.

Oncological urology, urological gynaecology, urological andrology, urological urolithiasis of the urinary tract.

The researchers of the Department have published their work results in the national and international press, conferences and congresses. The authors’ team published the specialist’s manual Urology (1989), textbooks: Principles of Urology (2000), Family Doctor’s Urology (2002), Kidney Cancer (2006), Urolithiasis (2006), Bladder Cancer (2008), Erectile Dysfunction (2012), co-authored the textbook Surgery.

LSMU Department of Urology
Prof. Mindaugas Jievaltas
Head of the Department of Urology
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