Department of Children’s Rehabilitation

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About us

The Department of Children’s Rehabilitation was founded in 2014, and since its establishment, Prof. Audronė Prasauskienė has been the head of the Department. The Department aims to improve the health of children in Lithuania.

Functions of the Department: organise the educational activities, research, and healthcare in practice; design the curricula and plans for speciality and specialisation courses; organise the refresher training and retraining for specialists; efficiently apply the equipment and facilities for research, education, and healthcare; produce scientific articles, textbooks, course books and other research and training materials; consider and submit proposals regarding the candidates for the teaching posts on the competition basis, head of the Department, and researcher and head at the laboratory, which is a structural part of the Department, and approve the candidates; participate in the activities of the Open Access Centre in accordance with the procedures laid down by the University, where the Open Access Centre has been established on the basis of the Department.

The Department Children’s Regabilitation has four PhD students: paediatric neurologist Indrė Bakanienė, medical psychologist Milda Veikelienė (on parental leave), physiotherapist Reda Pikutienė (on parental leave), and physiotherapist Kristina Janavičiūtė.

Clinical activities

The Department of Children’s Rehabilitation provides services for children with developmental disorders and loss of function, including early rehabilitation; rehabilitation; palliative care.

Degree programmes:

  • First cycle (BSc): Occupational therapy (in Lithuanian and English): occupational therapy for children with health issues;
  • Second cycle (MSc): Health Promotion and Rehabilitation: children’s rehabilitation; Art Therapy (part-time programme) – a joint programme delivered together with Vilnius Academy of Arts Kaunas Faculty; Health Psychology.
  • Residency programmes: family doctors, child and adolescent psychiatrists, physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors, paediatricians.

The Department of Children’s Rehabilitation offers the following continued professional development/refresher courses:

  • Autism: modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods, 30 hours
  • Diagnosis and treatment of speech, language and eating disorders in children, 36 hours
  • Botulinum toxin therapy for spasticity and dystonia in children, 36 hours
  • Palliative care. Specifics of palliative care for children and adolescents, 36 hours

The topic of the research work at the Department of Children’s Rehabilitation is “Developmental and Functional Disorders in Children”. Head of the research topic Assoc. Prof. Audronė Prasauskienė.

Research fields: Cerebral palsy: epidemiology, comorbidity, early diagnosis; Myelomeningocele: epidemiology, comorbidity, quality of life.

The Department of Children’s Rehabilitation participates in the following international research projects:

  • Multi-centre study “Validation of the Paediatric Questionnaire on Family Needs”;
  • Study “Assessment of stress experienced by parents of children with neurodevelopmental disorders in Lithuania and the United Kingdom”;
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of integrated rehabilitation for children with spastic cerebral palsy.
Department of Children’s Rehabilitation of the LSMU Faculty of Nursing
Doc. dr. Indrė Bakanienė
Head of the Department of Children’s Rehabilitation
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