The University of Lithuania was founded in 1922. At that time, the Faculty of Medicine had four departments, including the Department of Pharmacy. There was only one joint Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy founded and headed for a long time (until 1939) by Prof. Petras Raudonikis. In 1932, following the construction of the building of the Faculty of Medicine (A.Mickevičiaus g. 9), premises for the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacognosy were completed on the third floor. When Kaunas University was reinstated in 1944, the Department was reorganised and replaced by two specialised departments: the Department of Pharmacy (later renamed the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry) and the Department of Botany and Pharmacognosy. The Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry was headed by Prof. B. Šiaulis for a long time, from 1939 until his death in 1957.

In 1957-1972, the Department was headed by Assoc. Prof. V. Brasiūnas, in 1972-1983 – by Assoc. Prof. E. Tarasevičius. In 1978-2008, the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy was reinstated and headed by Assoc. P. Vainauskas in 1983-1987, Assoc. Prof. F. Malinauskas in 1987-1993, and Prof. V. Janulis in 1993-2008. In 2008, the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy was again reorganised into two departments: the Department of Pharmacognosy and Department of Medicinal Chemistry. In 2008-2017, the Department of Drug Chemistry was headed by Prof. H. Rodovičius. Since 2018, the Department of Drug Chemistry has been headed by Prof. R. Morkūnienė.

Doctoral dissertations were defended by the staff of the Department: E. Tarasevičius in 1967 (Lviv Medical Institute), R. Bernatoniene in 1977 (Moscow Medical Institute), H. Rodovičius in 1984 (Kyiv University), F. Malinauskas in 1987 (All-Union Scientific-Research Institute of Drug Chemistry and Technology), V. Brusokas in 1988 (Moscow Institute of Precision Chemical Technology), A. Dagilytė in 2001 (Kaunas Medical University), V. Petrikaitė in 2007, R. Benetis in 2009, and A. Špadienė in 2015. E. Tarasevičius defended his thesis for the degree of Habilitated Doctor at Moscow Medical Academy in 1990.


Mandatory subjects

Integrated study programme “Pharmacy”:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry for the 3rd year students

Drug Chemistry for the 4th year students

Drug Quality / Drug Metabolism parts of the module “Development of Pharmaceutical Products” for the 5th year students

Organisation and assessment of the drug analysis performed during the pharmacy practice as part of the module “Pharmaceutical Professional Practice” for the 5th year students

Final Master’s Thesis for the 4th and 5th year students

Elective subjects: Discovery of Medicinal Substances, Interactions between the Antibiotics, Bacteria, and Macro-organisms.


First-cycle study programme “Medical and Veterinary Biochemistry” (Faculty of Medicine):

Pharmaceutical Biochemistry for the 3rd year students


KTU-LSMU joint Master’s study programme “Medicinal Chemistry”:

Pharmaceutical Chemistry part of the module “Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Chemistry” for the 1st year students

  • Synthesis, analysis and study of the effects of biologically active compounds on living organisms.
  • In vitro development of cell models for the studies of the efficacy of new drugs.
  • Search and study of plant-derived multifactorial antioxidants.
  • Studies on the effects of drugs and their metabolites on humans and microbiota.

Research commissioning contract with UAB ProBioSanus: “Qualitative Analysis of Metabolites of Probiotic Bacteria Bacillus and Lactobacillus sp” under Priority 1 “Promotion of Research, Experimental Development and Innovation” of the EU Funds Investment Operational Programme, Measure No. 012.1-MITA-K-824 “Innovation Vouchers”. Service period: 01/09/2017 to 28/02/2018. Value: EUR 4,000.

Cooperation with the framework of project “Exosome Application for Targeted Drug Delivery” (EXOTARGET) funded under measure No. 01.2.2-LMT-K-718-01-0036 “Targeted Research in Smart Specialisation Areas”. Implementation period: 2017–2022. Project manager: Dr. Aistė Jekabsone. Project value: EUR 499,872.20. Project implementers: Prof. R. Morkūnienė, PhD student G. Vydmantaitė.

Cooperation with the Institute of Pharmaceutical Technologies under Measure No. J05-LVPA-K-01-0248 “Intellect. Joint Science-Business Projects“: “Promotion of UAB Akvavita investments in R&D activities by developing innovative products in the beverage industry”. Project manager Prof. Dr. V. Jakštas. Project value: EUR 315,887.22. Project implementer: Prof. R. Morkūnienė.

Cooperation under the bilateral research project of Lithuania and Japan by the Neuroscience Institute: “Study of the molecular determinants of Alzheimer’s disease: the relationship between extracellular tau, beta amyloid, and neuroinflammation” (INFLAMATAU), the Research Council of Lithuania. Source of funding: the Research Council of Lithuania. Implementation period: 2018–2020. Project manager: R. Morkūnienė.

Joint LSMU-KTU project “Generation of o-Quinone Methides and Investigation Their Conjugates and Metabolites in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Lag and Log Phases” (CHINONMETIDAS). Project manager: R. Morkūnienė. Project implementer: L. Šlepikas. Source of funding: the LSMU Research Fund, 2019.

Cooperation under project No. 01.2.2-LMT- K-718-01-0038 “Point-of-Care method for ticagrelor pharmacogenomics” (OPTOGEN) jointly funded from the structural funds of the European Union, coordinated by the Institute of Cardiology. Project implementer: V. Tatarūnas. Source of funding: the Research Council of Lithuania, SMART project funds.

Cooperation with UAB SynHet (headed by L. Šlepikas) under project No. 01.2.1-LVPA-K-856-01-0188 “Development of high potency compounds against S. aureus based on the in silico chemogenomics, in vitro and in vivo studies”. Implementation period: 2020-2022. Project value: EUR 534,061.00

Cooperation with UAB SynHet (headed by L. Šlepikas) under project No. 01.2.2-MITA-K-702-06-0018 “Development of the adaptive robotic separation system”. Implementation period: 2020-2021. Project value: EUR 99,000.

Cooperation under project No. 01.2.2-LMT-K-718-05-0052 “Technology for the management of COVID-19-induced mitochondrial dysfunction of cardiovascular system” (cTECH) coordinated by the Institute of Cardiology. Project manager: Dr. Aistė Jekabsone. Project value: EUR 299,965.66. Implementation period: 2021-2023. Project manager: PhD student G. Vydmantaitė.

Cooperation with UAB SynHet (headed by L. Šlepikas) under project BIOTECH-02-006 “Development of in silico chemogenomics-based biologically active compounds against K. pneumoniae, A. baumannii, P. aeruginosa, and Enterobacter spp.”. Project manager: Liudas Ivanauskas. Project value: EUR 194,793.00.

Neuroscience Institute of LSMU

Institute of Cardiology of LSMU

Department of Biochemistry of LSMU

Life Sciences Centre

State Medicines Control Agency under the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania

Kharkiv National University of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Ukraine)

Medical University of Bialystok, Department of Pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharmaceutical Analysis (Poland)

Odessa National Medical University, Faculty of Pharmacy (Ukraine)

University of Copenhagen, Department of Neuroscience (Denmark)

University of Tartu, Institute of Pharmacy under the Faculty of Medicine (Estonia)

Houston Methodist Research Institute, Department of Nanomedicine (the U.S.)

Association of the European Self-Medication Industry

Business partners: UAB SynHet, UAB Ferentis, UAB Aconitum

Kopenhagos Universiteto (Danija) Neuromokslų departamentas

Tartu universiteto (Estija) Medicinos fakulteto Farmacijos institutas

Hjustono metodistų mokslo instituto (JAV) Nanomedicinos departamentas

Europos savarankiškų vaistų (Self-Medication) pramonės asociacija

Verslo partneriai: UAB „SynHet“, UAB „Ferentis“, UAB “Aconitum“

Department of Drug Chemistry
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Prof. dr. Ramunė Morkūnienė
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy
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