Rules for the visitors of the Museum

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Rules for the visitors of the Museum

These rules determine the procedure for visiting the Museum of the Institute of Anatomy (hereinafter the Museum) and are mandatory for all visitors to the Museum.

General provisions

  • The museum is intended for students’ independent studies, student examination and testing, and tours. 
  • When exams (colloquiums) are taking place, tours to the Museum, as well as students who want to study independently, are not allowed. 
  • Students studying independently in the Museum must respect other students, maintain silence and order in the Museum. 
  • Tours at the Museum are conducted only for groups and only by prior arrangement. 
  • Visiting the Museum for non-LSMU employees and students is paid according to the established rates, approved by the LSMU Rector. 
  • The persons accompanying the tours must ensure that the visitors behave in a disciplined manner, do not make noise, observe order and otherwise do not disturb the students. 
  • Visitors to the Museum must comply with all instructions of the Museum Manager regarding behaviour in the Museum.

Prohibitions at the Museum

  • It is strictly forbidden to photograph or film exhibits in the Museum. In exceptional cases, this is allowed with the permission of the head of the Institute of Anatomy.
  • It is forbidden to make noise in the Museum, talk loudly or otherwise disturb the students, other visitors and employees of the Museum.
  • Touching the exhibits and other devices, except in cases where the head of the Museum or another person leading the tour allows it.
  • Damage, destroy exhibits or other devices in the Museum.
  • Eating in the exhibition rooms of the Museum.
  • Litter.
  • Put jackets and coats on tables or chairs (they must be hung in the locker room).
  • Connect to the Internet with computers operating in the Museum.