Brokerage Event “Horizon Europe: Connect, Collaborate & Fund”

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KTU Santaka Valley, K. Baršausko g. 59, 51423 Kaunas

Navigating the maze of funding, fostering meaningful collaborations, and understanding the vast landscape of Horizon Europe has never been this streamlined!

With immense pleasure, we invite you to the pivotal “Horizon Europe: Connect, Collaborate & Fund” Brokerage Event on Wednesday, 11th October. This endeavour, jointly hosted by esteemed institutions and organisations such as Diheco, IEEE TEMS, and KTU, showcases enriching content presented by LSMU and Lithuania NCP. Furthermore, the event’s realization has been magnificently powered by our partners the Innovation Agency, Lithuania.

  • Date: Wednesday, 11th October
  • Time: Starting at 11:00 AM
  • Location: KTU Santaka Valley, K. Baršausko g. 59, 51423 Kaunas
  • Agenda

Here’s Why Your Attendance Is Crucial:

In-depth Understanding: Embark on a comprehensive journey through key programs like EIT, EIT Health, ERC, MSCA, EIC, and more.

Interactive Learning: Not only will you witness illuminating presentations, but our dedicated sessions, facilitated by adept experts, ensure all your pressing questions find answers.

Networking event: Cross paths with an eclectic mix of healthcare professionals, startups, academic stalwarts, and industry leaders. A fertile ground for establishing robust international collaborations.

Spotlight on Opportunities: This is your chance to absorb, ask, and get answers. Every query is welcome, and our stellar facilitators are at your service to ensure clarity and comprehension during Q&A sessions.

Added Attractions:

Roll-Up Stands: Elevate your visibility with an opportunity to set up roll-up stands. Showcase your entity’s prowess and potential to a discerning audience.

Special Offer for the Main Conference: While the brokerage event comes with no fee, the comprehensive conference from 9-11 October is a treasure trove of insights, with a special 50% discount awaiting you.

Who Stands to Benefit?

Everyone eager to grasp funding intricacies, ranging from PhD aspirants to established enterprises and academia. Additionally, we cordially invite you to the overarching conference—a unique and invaluable platform shedding light on the nexus of technology, sustainability, and innovation.

Your Next Step:

Don’t miss out on this enriching opportunity. Register now for Horizon Europe.

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Join us in shaping a future enriched with knowledge, collaboration, and sustainable growth.

Looking forward to welcoming you.