Kaunastic Startups Meetup #6 – an Initiative Co-organized with the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

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Bar "O kodėl ne?", Juozapavičiaus pr. 122A, Kaunas

Kaunas’ vibrant startup ecosystem is gaining increasing interest through initiatives such as the Kaunastic Startups Meetup. We’re excited to invite you to our 6th edition on August 1, 2023, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM at the Bar “O kodėl ne?” amphitheater in Kaunas. This remarkable event is co-organized with the Health Innovation Development Center of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, reinforcing our ongoing effort to bring together the brightest minds across multiple disciplines.

We invite entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and professors alike to share their ideas, discuss their research challenges, and connect with peers. The meetup provides an ideal platform for you to showcase your ongoing projects and innovative solutions. It’s not just a meetup; it’s a stage for your ideas!

Our guest speaker, Dominykas Milašius, co-founder of Delta Biosciences and an investment partner at Baltic Sandbox Ventures, will share his valuable experience. Along with enriching discussions and knowledge sharing, rest assured there will be plenty of snacks and drinks on the house!

The event will be conducted in English.

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