LSMU hosted the Student Leisure Fair for the first time

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Last week, the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) organised the Student Leisure Fair for the first time, aimed at introducing students to the leisure activities offered by the University and encouraging them to join their favourite student organisations.

The event was initiated by the Student Affairs Office of LSMU. At the fair, LSMU Sports Center, Student Representation (SR), Veterinary Academy Student Association (VASA), Student Scientific Society (SSS), Student Dental Association (SDA), Public Health Student Society (PHSS), corporation GAJA, students and doctors’ corporation “Fraternitas Lituanica”, academic choir “Neris”, national dance ensembles “Ave Vita” and “Džigūnas”, as well as international student organisations ESN and ICOSA introduced students to their activities.

“I am happy to see students not only studying seriously, but also trying to have quality leisure time. This fair was organised to highlight the opportunities offered by the University to balance studies and leisure time meaningfully. Having a leisure activity that you like is good for students because it allows them to take a break from lectures and reduces the stress they experience during exams. It is important for us that students participate in meaningful activities and events that help to fully cultivate a better sense of well-being”, said the organiser of the event, Dean of the Student Affairs Assoc. Prof. Dr. Laura Malakauskienė.

The event took place at the Faculty of Pharmacy of LSMU. Here, as in a real exhibition, students could approach the organisations’ stands, familiarise themselves with the activities of the clubs, chat with their representatives, and ask their questions.

Each organisation tried to stand out in its own way and draw attention to itself – some offered to play games, others enticed participants with sweets, some even invited them to engage in interactive activities, try out various devices, instruments, and try on clothes. A blood donation campaign was also held at the fair, during which everyone could donate blood.

“There are still students who are not familiar with the University’s organisations, so this event was a great opportunity to gain more insight about them and discover activities they like. In addition, this initiative made it possible to enlighten students on how to spend time meaningfully after lectures,” said Eglė, a fourth-year medical student at LSMU, who represented the organisation ICOSA at the event.

Both the representatives of the organisations and the students who were interested in the activities unanimously agreed that the event was useful and helped them get to know each other better. It is hoped that the fair will become an ongoing tradition and that next year leisure activities will be presented to new first-year students.