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Founded in 2017, the LSMU Alumni Association brings together alumni of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU), Kaunas University of Medicine (KMU), and the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy (LVA).

Objectives of the LSMU Alumni Association

  • Promoting and maintaining strong links among its members and their affiliation with LSMU.
  • Contributing to the creation and promotion of LSMU’s public image.
  • Contributing fully to the development and promotion of LSMU activities and to help ensure the high quality of LSMU studies.
  • Cooperating with the alumni of other Lithuanian and foreign universities, other institutions and international organisations.
  • Initiating and providing support for LSMU students.
  • Organising seminars, lectures, and other academic activities for the LSMU community.
  • Providing methodological support and disseminate good practice.

Priority areas:

  • Building and strengthening the community of the LSMU Alumni Association
  • Ambassadorship
  • Strengthening the University’s image and publicity
  • Supporting the University and talented students


  • Association “Discussion Club”
  • Ambassadorship in the regions of Lithuania
  • Patronage “Chamber Charity Events” – a scholarship for LSMU talents
  • Attracting social partners
The Board
  • Audrius Sveikata, President of the Alumni Association
  • Prof. Daiva Rastenytė
  • Prof. Mindaugas Malakauskas 
  • Prof. Aurelijus Veryga 
  • Dr. Daiva Zagurskienė 
  • Doc. Vida Babrauskienė 
  • Dr. Aleksandras Muzikevičius 
  • Dr. Sandra Butkienė 
  • Ieva Simanavičiūtė 
  • Marija Kudrevičiūtė 
  • Ramy Zreik
Control Committee
  • Dr. Vilma Jūratė Balčiūnienė 
  • Doc. Laura Malakauskienė 
  • Laura Pėkienė 


The LSMU Alumni Association is an independent, voluntary, non-profit organisation that brings together and unites all generations of LSMU alumni. You can become a member of the Alumni Association by completing an application form and paying a membership fee.

A member of the Association receives alumni updates and information about the Association’s activities and can participate in them. A member has the right to vote at meetings and to stand for election to the Board or the office of President. The statutes of the Association can be found here.

Membership fee. The membership fee is EUR 50, payable once a year by 1 February of the calendar year for the current year. 

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