LSMU Pharmacy-Study and Practice Base

The main task of the Pharmacy of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is to provide students of the Faculty of Pharmacy with practical skills, to develop initial work experience in a pharmacy. More than half of all fifth-year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy do practical work at the central pharmacy (Sukilėlių pr. 51) and in the offices and laboratories of its branches.

In carrying out its task of developing students’ professional and managerial abilities, the university pharmacy aims to cover the costs of this activity with the funds earned by the pharmacy itself. In order to achieve this goal, the pharmacy uses modern management and administration tools. For the convenience of its customers, the pharmacy has equipped homoeopath-consultant offices in the premises of the pharmacy, regularly conducts questionnaire surveys of customers and doctors who prescribe prescriptions for the pharmacy’s customers, and has installed an online pharmacy for its customers. Professional qualification improvement measures are constantly implemented in the pharmacy – seminars, distance learning using Internet sites.

LSMU Pharmacy – study and practice base
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Prof. Rimantas Pečiūra
Director of the University Pharmacy
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