The LSMU Study Centre is a department of the University, the purpose of which is to coordinate first-, second-cycle and integrated studies, ensuring timely information of students on study issues, effective study administration, preparation of study accounting and other study-related documents, schedules, orders, organising smooth admission of students and improving the quality of studies, promoting the introduction of innovations into the study process, improving the competences of lecturers.

The Student Information (Services) Department and the Innovative Education Department are a part of the Study Centre.

Department Features:

  • Student consultations on study issues (live, by phone or e-mail)
  • Certificates for students and graduates
  • Change of student group
  • Publication of study plans
  • Issuance of student cards

Gabija Ševcovaitė, +370 615 38 273
A.Mickevičiaus g. 7, Kaunas, room 104

We promote academic collaboration and educational research. In order to share students‘ learning (and teaching) experience and scientific research recommendations, we gather teachers not only in scientific, but also in informal events –  conferences, various format discussions and practical trainings.

You can find information about organised events and the calendar on our InoEdu page and on the MEDAS portal.

A detailed description of the tasks and functions of the Centre is provided in the Regulations of the LSMU Study Centre.


Study Centre
+370 37 327 366
A. Mickevičius st. 7, Kaunas, Lithuania
Vilma Žaltauskė
Deputy Head of Study Center
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