The Academic Publishing Office provides professional publishing-related services:

  • publishing of textbooks, educational literature and other publications related to university
    activities (traditional and electronic publishing);
  • layout, design, printing, copying and binding works:
  • various certificates,
  • Thank You cards,
  • forms,
  • Business cards;
  • calendars;
  • invitations,
  • pamphlets,
  • flyers,
  • folders,
  • posters,
  • catalogues,
  • brochures etc.

We can also offer non-standard design and layout solutions.
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According to the approved publishing procedure of the Lithuanian University of Health
Sciences. The Publishing House accepts manuscripts for publication after the Authors have
uploaded them to the electronic publishing system OMP (Open Monograph Press).

The OMP software platform is dedicated to the management of publishing processes. Can
also be used for cataloging etc.
The OMP system enables the Author to:
1. To monitor the progress of the preparation of their publication.
2. Correspond directly and exchange files with the staff preparing the publication.
The publishing house has the opportunity to prepare the publication in:
1. Printed form.
2. PDF form (this format publication has the option of placing links to externally stored
audio and video material prepared by you).
3. Electronic book format (ePUB3 format).

Publishing Commission (LSMU Rector's Order of 4 May 2017 No. V-430):
Prof. Žilvinas Saladžinskas (Chairman)
Prof. Astra Vitkauskienė (Secretary)
Assoc. Prof. Eglė Slabšibnskienė
Assoc. Prof. Gailute Drakšienė
Prof. Ričardas Radišauskas
Assoc. Prof. Raimond Savickas
Prof. Ingrida Monkevičienė
Dr. Vilma Vilienė
Dr. Aurelija Podlipskytė
Dr. Rytas Ostrauskas
Rasa Nainienė
Dr. Ramune Šepetienė
Prof. Rasa Banienė

The publication, 2 reviews, an extract from the protocol of the clinic or department and an
extract from the protocol of the Faculty Council meeting should be sent to the Secretary of
the Publishing Commission, Prof. Astra Vitkauskiene:, tel. no.
+370 37 326 775.

The weekly Ave Vita has been published since 1957. In it our University development perspectives are published. The weekly newspaper publishes texts about the most important events and happenings, descriptions of operations, medical achievements and professional achievements, publishes interviews with the most famous award-winning scientists and people taking on new duties in the University and Clinics community. News and information relevant to the academic community.

The newspaper reviews the most important events in the life of the University, scientific and
social events, conferences, the achievements of University researchers, innovations in
science and clinical practice, and project activities are presented.

The Journal of Medical and Health Sciences Education (MEDH-EECA, ISSN 2783-6797) is an
annual, peer-reviewed, international journal of general research and practice for Eastern
European and Central Asian markets. The purpose of MED-EECA is to advance knowledge
and disseminate research findings that are directly relevant to the practice of health science
education, including the various fields of medicine, public health, nursing, and pharmacy

 Just you and me
Bee venom
Sting treatment
Fundamentals of Clinical Electroencephalography
Kinesitherapy in water
Introduction of medicinal plants,
cultivation and conservation,
pharmaceutical preparations of herbal raw materials
and therapeutic effects
Basics of Medical Diagnostics
and the Main Clinical Syndromes

Benign prostate diseases,

benign prostatic hyperplasia and
chronic prostatitis

Algorithm of psychological help for students
and guidelines

Physical activity and health
Odontogenic sinusitis:
etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis,
clinic and treatment

Patient-centered professional ethics
and communication
Leading teamwork
and the importance of strategic planning

Academic Publishing Office
A. Mickevičiaus gatvė 9, Kaunas, Lietuva
+370 61 518 772
Asta Valuckytė-Ūsienė
Head of the Academic Publishing Office