In 1924, the Department of Nervous and Psychiatric Diseases was founded at Kaunas University. From 1965 to 1985, it operated under the name of the Department of Neurology and Psychiatry. From 1988 to 1991, it functioned as the Department of Nervous, Psychiatric Diseases and Neurosurgery, and from 1991 – the Department of Psychiatry. The primary aim of the Department has been to engage in pedagogical, scientific, research, and educational activities. Throughout all historical periods, the researchers of the Department have been actively involved not only in the activities of the University, but also in the activities of significance for the Republic of Lithuania. The top graduates from the Department are actively integrated into the activities of the Department. Since 2006, the Department has been headed by Prof. Dr. Virginija Adomaitienė.

Main research focus: integration of psychiatry into general medicine – from problem recognition to situation management. The results are published in the press, at conferences and used in pedagogical work.

Clinical activities: provision of personal psychiatric health services in outpatient and inpatient settings, as well as provision of consultations to patients treated in other specialised clinics and emergency departments. The doctors of the Clinical Department provide outpatient, and inpatient services and consultations in other specialised clinical departments.

In 2019, the Department of Psychiatry conducted 10 study programmes of 65 credits under Bachelor, Master, and integrated study frameworks. Teachers have been assigned as heads of programme to all study programmes who are responsible for the preparation, approval, implementation, and timely updating of the programmes.

Postgraduate studies – residency programmes 

  • Psychiatry (4 years, 264 credits)
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (4 years, 264 credits)

Residency training facilities: Clinic of Psychiatry, Clinic of Neurology of Kaunas Clinics under the LSMU Hospital, Kaunas Branch of the Republican Centre for Addictive Diseases, Clinic of Psychiatry of the Republican Šiauliai Hospital, Clinic of Psychiatry of the Republican Kaunas Hospital, Palanga Clinic of the LSMU Neuroscience Institute, State Service of Forensic Psychiatry under the Ministry of Health, Šilainiai Unit of Kaunas City Polyclinic.

Professional development courses are held for doctors. List of courses and registration is in MEDAS.

Research projects

  • Research study on “Associations of polymorphism candidate gene in serotonergic system and social environment with suicide attempts and diagnosed psychiatric disorders” funded by the Research Council of Lithuania (RCL) (No.: MIP-047/2015/PRM15-51-15/04/27/02; academic years 2015–2018). Project value: € 100,000. Main implementer: LSMU Department of Psychiatry (head: Prof. V. Adomaitienė).
  • Research study on “Development of an early computer-based diagnosis method for depressive disorder by computer-based screening of emotional response to different tastes of food” funded by the Research Council of Lithuania (RCL) (No.: P-MIP-17-49; academic years 2017–2020). Project value: € 100,000. Main implementer: Kaunas University of Technology (head: Prof. G. Juodeikienė), project partner: LSMU Department of Psychiatry (head of the clinical part of the project: Prof. V. Adomaitienė).
  • Research funded by the Lithuanian Business Support Agency and the European Union Investment Funds on: “Development of a methodology and toolkit for the early diagnosis and drug treatment of depression and bipolar affective disorder based on genetic testing” (No.: J05-LVPA-K-03-0042), implemented together with project partner UAB Nabelita. Project value: € 736,855.02 Main implementer: LSMU Department of Psychiatry (project head: Prof. V. Adomaitienė).
  • Project “LSMU activities aimed at improving the competencies and qualifications of physicians” (LSMU-GYD-KOM; 2018-2019), funded by the European Union Investment Funds and implemented together with project partners LSMU Hospital Kaunas Clinics and Kaunas Clinical Hospital. The Department of Psychiatry has developed two programmes as part of the project: “Links between healthy ageing and mental health” and “Topics in suicide prevention and treatment”. (Head of project: L. Matusevičienė)
  • Project “Strengthening the skills of professionals working in the field of mental health”. The project (2019) was funded by the European Union Investment Funds and supported by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania (Order of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Lithuania of 23 April 2019 No. V-479 “On the Strategic Activity Plan of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania for the period 2019–2021 for the Public Health Strengthening Programme measure (01.010) 01-01-05 “Ensuring the identification of priorities for suicide prevention, planning of measures for the long- and short-term suicide prevention and the financing required for their implementation”), approved under the action 1.1 under the Activity Plan “Strengthening the skills of professionals working in the field of mental health”). As a result of the project, a training programme for child and adolescent psychiatrists and psychologists has been developed and validated. Procurement started during the reporting period.
  • Project “Development of Canitherapy as an Additional Interventional Methodology for Cardiovascular Rehabilitation of Patients After Acute Coronary Syndromes” has been submitted to the Research Council of Lithuania for funding.
  • Project “Associations of micronutrient, endocrine and biochemical parameters with the risk of suicidal behaviour among patients with mental and behavioural disorders” has already been launched. Protocol identifiers: PSYMIKROEL. Project partners: Department of Psychiatry, the Palanga Clinic of the Neuroscience Institute, and the Behavioural Medicine Laboratory.

More than 15 scientific conferences have been organised in the last three years by the Department of Psychiatry at LSMU Medical Academy.

Department of Psychiatry of the Medical Academy of the LSMU Faculty of Medicine
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