Internal Medicine Department


The Internal Medicine Department has twenty employees, including eighteen teaching staff and two support staff. The Department already has three professors, three associate professors, two lecturers, and ten assistants.


The Internal Medicine Departmet was established in 2002, after the reorganisation of the Department of Internal Medicine Propaedeutics. The long-time head of the Department of Internal Medicine Propaedeutics was Prof. Alfredas Žiugžda (1952 – 1988), later – Prof. Dr. Marija Staponkienė (1988 -2001). The Internal Medicine Department is located in Kaunas Clinics Hospital.

Undergraduate studies – problem-based teaching of 2nd-3rd-year students of the Faculty of Medicine, Internal Diseases are taught to students of the Faculties of Odontology, Pharmacy, Assessment of Health Status for students of the Faculty of Nursing. 2nd-level studies – for students of the 1st-year of the Faculty of Medicine – Laboratory Medicine Biology. About one hundred residents are studying in the postgraduate internal medicine residency programme.

Diagnosis of heart failure using the impedance plethysmography method (in cooperation with the cardiology clinic). Non-invasive diagnostics of peripheral arterial disease.

Changes in ECG stages of myocardial infarction. Determination of atherosclerotic changes using non-invasive methods. There are 2 doctorates with PhD working at the Department.

There is cooperation with the global 3M LITTMANN company, Asfendiyarov Medical University of Kazakhstan, the international journal “Electrocardiology”. Prof. E. Kalinauskienė is the International Editor of this magazine.

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