Department of Dental and Oral Pathology


The Department of Dental and Oral Pathology implements educational, research, and clinical activities. Students of the Odontology study programme begin their studies at our clinical department from their second year (in Lithuanian and English). They are taught pre-clinical and clinical aspects of caries, endodontics, periodontology, and mucosa diseases. Meanwhile, third-year students of the Dental Hygiene study programme are introduced to the related pathologies.  The Department has three modern clinical training rooms for students equipped with dental equipment. A modern pre-clinical classroom is available for second-year students, where they acquire their first practice skills by working with the simulators.  During their studies, students attend lectures in each course and deepen their knowledge during the theoretical seminars. Practical skills are developed through clinical work under the guidance provided by the teachers who are dental specialists in their respective fields.  In the final semester of the x study programme, particular emphasis is put on the clinical practice.

During their studies, students and resident doctors become acquainted and learn how to work with modern dental equipment (dental microscope, rotary endodontic instruments, etc.), are encouraged to stay up to date with the innovations in dentistry, get acquainted with scientific work, and actively participate in these activities.

Clinical activities

The Department of Dental and Oral Pathology provides routine dental care and treatment, as well as specialised services for the diagnosis and treatment of pulp, periodontal, and oral mucosa diseases.  As a clinical department, we provide consultations and treatment to patients with complex dental and oral pathologies from all over Lithuania. Approximately 16,000 patients visit our dentists and dental specialists annually.

The Department offers 3-year residency and doctoral studies in endodontics and periodontics.  Periodically, the research associates at the Department attends advanced training and continued professional development (CPD) courses, as well as individual internships for doctors in Lithuania and abroad.

The research topic of the Department is the investigation of effectiveness of diagnostics and treatment of dental and oral diseases. The head of the research topic is Prof. Dr. Vita Mačiulskienė.

The clinic conducts scientific clinical research in the areas of dental caries, pulp and periodontal tissue pathology and treatment optimisation.

Ongoing projects:

  • Radiological diagnostic potential of apical periodontal disease by assessing the prognostic value of cone beam computed tomography (CT) in the treatment of apical periodontal diseases.
  • Clinical studies on optimising treatment of marginal periodontitis.

The endodontists working at the Department collaborate with the researchers at Kaunas University of Technology to develop optimal protocols for mechanical root canal preparation. A new project is being developed in cooperation with the University of Beirut (Lebanon) to assess the diagnostics of tooth pulp inflammation using the latest techniques and biomarkers.

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Prof. Vita Mačiulskienė – Visockienė
Head of the Department of Dental and Oral Pathology
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