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Centre of Psychological Well-Being and Health Education was established in 2018 as a functional division of the Department of Health Psychology. The aim of the Centre is to provide psychological counselling, healthy lifestyle education and training services to the University community and the general public.

Dedicated to enhancing people’s emotional well-being and psychological health, the Centre provides a wide range of psychological counselling and training services:

  • practical, research and educational activities to promote mental health and healthy lifestyles;
  • individual and group counselling, psychotherapy, and psychological assessment services;
  • services on the research on demand, expertise, training and the development of methodological tools;
  • development of cooperation with national and international institutions in the fields of psychological well-being, health promotion and healthy lifestyle.

Services provided by the Centre to the University community

The Centre of Psychological Well-Being and Health Education provides psychological services for both LSMU staff and students. Our psychologists aim to help people who are experiencing difficulties at work, in interpersonal relationships, learning difficulties, tension, anxiety, depressive feelings, or those who want to learn more about themselves and improve their quality of life. Forms of psychological support offered:

  • individual psychological counselling;
  • psychological resilience groups;
  • mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy group;
  • seminars and training.

For more information on psychological services for employees and students and to register for a consultation click here.

If you have any questions, please contact psichologine.pagalba@lsmu.lt

Training conducted at the Centre:

  • Student health: challenges and solutions to the learning process.
  • Exercises for the development of children’s emotional and social competencies ELLA (for teachers, psychologists and other professionals working with preschool children).

For research on demand, expert evaluation or training services, please get in touch with the Administrator of the Department of Health Psychology at +370 37 354 087 or sandra.bliultmiene@lsmu.lt.