Veterinary Medicine Simulation Centre


Sudaryti sąlygas nuolat mokytis ir tobulinti veterinarinės medicinos praktinius įgūdžius naudojant veterinarinės medicinos simuliacijų metodus.

The Veterinary Medicine Simulation Centre is the space for the students to build their practical skills without harming animals, since animal dummies or body part mannequins are used in the simulation process.

The students are welcome to train at the time and pace convenient to them. The practical skills are developed in a safe, stressless environment without posing any risk to an animal. It is normal for students to make mistakes and learn from them, which is an important part of the learning process. This helps make sure that the students are prepared for clinical studies, practice, and work better. The Centre also provides the facilities for the laboratory works to develop the practical skills and study clinical study subjects.



Veterinary Medicine Simulation Centre
Karolina Jankauskaitė
Head of the Veterinary Medicine Simulation Centre