Construction of the new building begins at LSMU Kaunas Hospital

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On Monday, a Time Capsule for future generations was buried in the Kaunas Hospital of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU), on the territory of the Šilainiai Branch, which marks an important event in the history of both the hospital and the entire city – the construction of the new Orthopaedic Traumatology Building. It will house the Traumatology Centre, which is currently operating in the centre of Kaunas, and will be equipped with modern operating rooms, wards for patients, consultation, and examination rooms. The Act for Future Generations was signed by Kaunas City Mayor Visvaldas Matijošaitis, Minister of Health Dr. Arūnas Dulkys, Rector of LSMU, Prof. Rimantas Benetis, General Director of LSMU Kaunas Hospital, Prof. Albinas Naudžiūnas.

The mayor of Kaunas, V. Matijošaitis, thanked the hospital managers for the project going smoothly. “The creator of this idea is the head of this hospital (Prof. A. Naudžiūnas). He suggested building a new building as soon as possible without waiting for 2028,” he emphasised. It was in that year that the contract for the use of the premises of LSMU Kaunas Hospital, where several departments of the institution are located in the city centre, with Kaunas City Municipality expires.

“It is very important for the Kaunas hospital, which is scattered in many places, to concentrate services in one place. I am very happy that not only the state, but also the municipality contributes to solving the problems and quality of the healthcare system,” emphasised the Minister of Health Dr. A. Dulkys.

Rector of LSMU Prof. R. Benetis said that this hospital is important for LSMU not only because the University is a partner of the hospital together with the Ministry of Health, but also because there is a very important clinical base here, where students and residents are trained. “We’re excited that we will have a new building and opportunities to apply new methodologies here,” he said.

As stated by the general director of LSMU Kaunas Hospital, Prof. A. Naudžiūnas, better working conditions will be created for the excellent professional orthopaedic traumatologists of the institution and their patients. “In this unit, we have one of the highest patient flows throughout the year, many surgeries and consultations are performed here. The current facilities in the city centre have a long and honourable history, but they hardly meet current needs and should be substantially reconstructed. Meanwhile, a greater concentration of services in one place is much more economical and beneficial for both employees and patients”, said Prof. A. Naudžiūnas.

LSMU Kaunas Hospital Director for Management and Infrastructure Dr. Helga Marija Kauzonė noted that infrastructural projects are being rapidly implemented at the hospital to improve treatment conditions, the working environment and optimise and concentrate the healthcare services provided. “Thanks to the investments hospital capacities, treatment wards, operating theatres and other rooms and spaces are being repaired, elevators are being replaced, the energy efficiency of buildings is being increased, and medical equipment is being updated. The construction of the new Orthopaedic Traumatology Building is an example of good practice in cooperation with the Kaunas municipality, the hospital’s partners – the  Ministry of Health and the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in solving important issues for the residents of the city and the country, purchasing medical equipment and improving the hospital’s scientific base,” said Dr. H. M. Kauzonė.

During the construction of the new building parking spaces for cars, electric vehicles (with charge stations), bicycles, and ambulances will be provided for patients and visitors.

The new building will be economical and meet modern standards, the needs of employees and patients. A modern traumatology centre will operate in the orthopaedic traumatology building, 5 modern operating theatres will be equipped, 50 beds will be reserved for patients, and new diagnostic and treatment equipment will be purchased.

The three-floor building will have an A++ energy efficiency class, the building will occupy the area of 4784.3 square meters. The project was prepared by UAB Projektų ekspertai, the builder – UAB Autokausta. The construction of the building is financed by Kaunas City Municipality.

More construction is planned in the Šilainiai branch of LSMU Kaunas Hospital. A building will be erected near the new building, where a modern reception for therapeutic and surgical patients, Intensive Therapy and Reanimation Department, and a laboratory will be located.

This year, LSMU Kaunas Hospital will also complete the projects of establishing the Geriatrics Centre and a project for Children‘s tuberculosis prevention, diagnostics, treatment quality and improvement. LSMU Kaunas hospital information, photo by Kaunas Municipality.