10th EBRAINS Baltic-Nordic Summer School on Neuroscience

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Cruise ship Silja-Line Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki
AS Tallink Grupp

We kindly invite you to attend 10th EBRAINS Baltic-Nordic Summer School on Neuroscience From Neurons to The Virtual Brain, Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence that will take place at the University Helsinki, Finland; KTH Royal Institue of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, and a cruise ship Silja-Line Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki, symbolically linking European countries for research and collaboration in neuroscience and AI.


  • 29-31 May – Cruise Ship Silja-Line Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki
  • 28 May – University of Helsinki, Finland
  • 30 May – KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

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The 10th EBRAINS Baltic-Nordic Summer School on Neuroscience “From Neurons to The Virtual Brain, Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence” will provide you with the latest achievements in the brain research, implications to AI methods and applications in clinical practice.

The combined workshops and 10th EBRAINS Baltic-Nordic Summer School on Neuroscience are focused on:

  • multiscale modeling of brain functions;
  • brain-inspired computation algorithms;
  • individualized virtual human brain models;
  • intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence;
  • concepts of consciousness in biological and artificial systems;
  • ethics in neuroscience and artificial  intelligence.

The target audience of this school are advanced master students, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers in neuroscience, medicine, artificial intelligence, and other related fields such as mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry, biology, neuropsychology, cognitive sciences.

How to apply
The summer school has a limited capacity of 25 students; therefore, a selection will be performed by a scientific organizing committee.
Submit your application until 15 April 2024. 


Registration fee is 200 € for selected participants. The tuition fee includes accommodation and meals on the cruise ship Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki on 29-31 May 2024, access to conference facilities during the course days; workshop at the University of Helsinki, Finland on 28 May 2024; workshop at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden on 30 May 2024; bus tour in Stockholm, Sweden on 30 May 2024.

A limited number of scholarships is available. Please indicate in the application form should you need financial support.


Leading neuroscientists of Europe will give the lectures on theoretical and clinical neuroscience and AI:

  • Viktor Jirsa (Director, System Neuroscience Institute, Aix-Marseille Université, France; EBRAINS Chief Science Officer)
  • Walter Senn (Institue of Physiology, University of Bern, Switzerland; EBRAINS)
  • Alain Destexhe, Director, European Institure of Theoretical Neuroscience, Paris, France; EBRAINS
  • Marja-Leena Linne (Tampere University, Finland)
  • Jeanette Helgren-Kotaleski (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden) 
  • Michele Migliore (Institute of Biophysics, Palermo, Italy)
  • Simo Vanni (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  • Bruce Graham (University of Stirling, UK)
  • Peter Jedlicka (Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany)
  • Herman Cuntz (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Germany)
  • Arnd Roth (Wolfson Institute of Biomedical Research, University College London, UK)
  • Pawel Herman (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Daniel Wojcik (Nencki Institute for Experimental Biology, Warsaw, Poland)
  • Ausra Saudargiene (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania)
  • Gaute Einevoll (Norwegian University of Life Sciences & University of Oslo, Norway)
  • Johannes Mehrer (NeuroAI lab, EPFL, Switzerland)
  • Timothee Proix, Department of Basic Neurosciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Pierpaolo Sorrentino (Aix-Marseille Université, France; EBRAINS)
  • Damien Depannemaecker (Aix-Marseille Université, France)
  • Spase Petkoski (Aix-Marseille Université, France)
  • Tuomo Mäki-Marttunen (Tampere University, Finland)
  • Eero Pekkonen (Dept Neurology, Helsinki University Hospital, Finland)
  • Päivi Nevalainen (Helsinki University Hospital,Finland)
  • Saeed Montazeri (Dept of Physiology, University of Helsinki, Finland)

The summer school is organised in collaboration with EBRAINS, European Brain Research Infrastructures. EBRAINS is the European network of digital infrastructure to accelerate brain research, advance innovations for brain health and translate brain knowledge into technological advances of AI.

Scientific Committee and Organizers:

  • Ausra Saudargiene (Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuania)
  • Marja-Leena Linne (Tampere University, Finland)
  • Peter Jedlicka (Justus Liebig University Giessen; Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Pawel Herman (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Walter Senn (University of Bern, Switzerland)
  • Viktor Jirsa (Aix-Marseille Université, France)


Environment protection

Silja-Line is operated by the Tallink Grupp that has environmental priority to reduce its CO2 emissions group-wide and in line with global emissions reductions targets. Tallink recognizes environmental protection and management as one of its highest priorities and that every effort is to be made to conserve and protect the environment from marine, atmospheric and other forms of pollution.

For more information please contact by email: ebrains@lsmu.lt