International Conference in phylosophy “Levinas and the anarchy of the Good Readings of Humansm of the Other”

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LSMU Emmanuel Levinas Center, Kaunas (Lithuania)

In Memoriam Professor Sol Neely

Published in 1972, Humanism of the Other corresponds to the period of full maturity of Levinas’ thought, after the breakthrough of Totality and Infinity. It consists in three papers: “Significance and Meaning” (1964), “Humanism and Anarchy” (1968) and “Without Identity” (1970). In it, Levinas affirms his desire to reclaim humanism, against the general trend of French philosophy, but in full knowledge of the difficulties that this would involve. He promotes a “new humanism”, a new conception of culture and meaning of time and subjectivity.

By bringing together both confirmed and young researchers around Humanism of the Other, this international conference is an invitation to meditate on his unprecedented contribution to the thinking of the human, while following some of the main threads of the text.

Conference language: English and French