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Are you considering to study at the University? Ambassadors can help you make up your mind. They are current Lithuanian University of Health Sciences international students themselves and will kindly share their experience about studies at the University and life in Lithuania.

 Jismi Jiji ThaiparampilStudy programme: Medicine
Study year: 6

Studying at the LSMU has been a wonderful experience and I will cherish the memories and experiences I went through. The infrastructure and facilities provided by the university open up a vast range of tools and knowledge allowing you to become an excellent physician. I strongly believe that my time at the LSMU made me a confident and passionate person. A little effort can take you a great way.
 Mathew Kochinadathu Thomas Study programme: Medicine
Study year: 5

After graduating from high school, I had no idea where the world would take me. I was fortunate enough to have found LSMU’s Medicine program from a family friend and after a bit of research into what the university could offer me, I was ready to begin the next chapter of my life. And looking back over the last few years, I am glad I decided to leave my comfort zone and to start building towards my future. LSMU’s Medicine program was just what I was looking for with their Problem Based Learning style of education. I have tried to embrace everything this country and university has to offer and I have been rewarded in more ways than I could have imagined. I have made great progress with my medical knowledge, gained many life-long friendships from all over the world, and improved as a person overall.
 Shely levyStudy programme: Nursing
Study year: 3

LSMU is an incredible university, with a supporting system and understanding teachers, who are always available to answer questions and try to help with every issue you may have. Even, it was very noticeable with the difficult time of covid-19, I extremely recommend studying in LSMU for all it represents. So if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.
 Anne Juliette CornierStudy programme: Medicine
Study year: 5

Studying in Kaunas is a unique experience. So many international students together studying for one dream is motivating and fun. Kaunas is a beautiful student city which makes it easy to meet new friends, especially in Summer when it is very green and beautiful. 

Parents Ambassadors from Canada and India are parents of current Lithuanian University of Health Sciences international students and are keen to share their experience about studies at the University and life in Lithuania.

My daughter is thrilled to be able to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian.  At the LSMU, being with students from other countries, the small class groups provide a very supportive environment on both academic and personal levels.

Facing a big decision to go abroad for your studies can sometimes be intimidating.  When I travelled to Kaunas to help my daughter settle in, I was able to experience firsthand how welcoming the University and Kaunas are. I am more than willing to answer questions to help other parents, including how to prepare before leaving Canada, what to pack and what to expect when settling in Kaunas, e.g. banking, communications and transportation.


Ginette Belanger Basak

Country : Canada