Study quality monitoring and feedback

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The monitoring, evaluation and improvement of study quality at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences is coordinated by the  Study Quality Monitoring and Assurance Commission  (hereinafter – SKSUK, Commission). The Commission shall be constituted for one year, subject to annual renewal. The Commission is chaired by the Vice-Rector for Studies. The Commission includes delegated representatives of the faculties, the Research Centre, the Study Centre, the Centre for Postgraduate Studies, the International Relations and Studies Centre , the Career Centre and the Student Union, as well as the Executive Secretary appointed by the Rector.


At the University, surveys are organised at different levels and data are analysed by academic and non-academic departments of the University according to the nature of the surveys and the expected deadlines for the survey/s, presented in the APPENDIX is the organisational procedure for improving the quality of LSMU feedback studies. 


Taking into account the students’ wishes to make the surveys attractive and easily accessible to each student, a short evaluation questionnaire for modules / subjects was prepared – the“Quality Thermometer”, which allows: 

  • as soon as the student answers the questions, see the overall evaluation of the module / subject; 
  • the lecturer can see the assessment “here and now” and assess which parts of the module implementation are the strongest, and where a more detailed analysis of the reasons is needed; 
  • fill out the form on a mobile device;  
  • submit suggestions in free form. 

The questionnaire is available  in the LSMUSIS system next to the subjects in the Student’s Study Book entitled “Evaluate”. Assessment can only be done once, and it is recommended to do so at the end of a specific module / subject. 


Do you have questions or suggestions about the quality of studies?
Dr. Monika Miliušienė
Senior Specialist for the Quality of Studies at the Study Centre