Pets at the University

Gyvūnas agintinis lsmu universitete

In the Company of Your Pet

Numerous studies have demonstrated that the presence of animals in the workplace enhances the atmosphere, reduces stress, improves emotional well-being, and positively influences productivity in both work and learning.

Petting an animal or taking a short walk with is an excellent way to enjoy a brief work break, allowing you to relax your mind and eyes. Pets also foster closer connections among colleagues, prompting conversations that extend beyond work or study topics. After all, many of us would stop to interact with a friendly-looking animal and engage in a chat with its owner when passing by.

The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) embraces a pet-friendly policy, welcoming pets in student and staff workplaces, common areas, and dormitories. Nevertheless, it is important that owners exhibit responsibility and adhere to the regulations established at LSMU.

Key considerations for bringing your pet

It is important that pet owners exercise a high degree of responsibility and fully adhere to all stipulated conditions within LSMU procedures. Foremost among these requirements are that the pet must be ensured welfare and protection while on the University premises. It must not present any danger to the life, well-being, or health of individuals or other animals, or any property. The pet shall also possess appropriate identification (tags), as mandated by applicable laws, be healthy, vaccinated, friendly with both humans and other animals, and exhibit obedience and socialisation. The animal should not cause a nuisance or inconvenience to other staff and students, make a mess or contaminate the premises and grounds.

The owner is responsible for tending to the pet‘s bedding, food and occupation, and should promptly remove of any waste (i.e. excrement) left behind by the pet. In adverse weather conditions, it is essential to clean the pet’s paws and ensure its coat is dry before entering the University premises.

Remember that some individuals might have allergies, fears, or dislike animals. Therefore, written consent must be obtained from coworkers sharing the same workspace (for the workplace) or roommates (for the dormitories) before bringing a pet. The same requirements apply to those who want to not only bring their pet but also keep one.

Please note that the persons refusing to provide consent are NOT obliged to provide a reason for the refusal. If your colleague or roommate does not provide their consent, you will not be able to bring/keep your pet at work and/or dormitory.

Please note that pets may not be brought to in-person study activities (e.g. lectures, seminars, etc.) or other premises with stringent hygiene requirements owing to the study, research, or clinical practice processes.

If you intend to bring/keep your pet on the University premises, you must register it by sending an email to together with a fully completed and signed form “Pet Registration Form for Keeping on University Premises” as outlined in the Annex to the Procedure.

For more information please view the Procedure For Bringing and Keeping Pets here