Join paid integration internships in Lithuania

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The Education Exchanges Support Foundation has signed contracts with eight Lithuanian universities, which participate in the “UpinLT” project (Foreign Practitioners in Lithuania Program) aiming to support talented international students and graduates for successful integration into the Lithuanian job market. Lithuanian University of Health Sciences has received 30 scholarships for our international students and recent graduates to undertake their integration internships in companies and organizations based in Lithuania.

  • The duration of internships must be at least 20 hours per week for two consecutive months and end no later than August 31, 2024.
  • Monthly grand is 650 EUR per person.
  • All international students (starting from 2nd academic year)  with an average grade of 8 or higher and recent graduates can apply for this scholarship.

To apply for the scholarship, fill the application form.

Registration until March 24, 2024. Additional competition will be announced if there are still available scholarship.

Procedure for the selection for and award of the integration internship scholarship for international students.

Implementation procedure of additional practical training at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

For more information visit here or contact LSMU Student Affairs Office career specialist Linas Šablinskas:

Project value: 45 500,00 EUR