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If not stated otherwise, full access to subscribed databases is available via LSMU computer network. Remote access services available via EZproxy or LSMU Library VPN.

Remote access services

There are several services for accessing resources not from LSMU computer network: EZproxyLSMU Library VPN.

EZproxy – internet proxy server, which is used by libraries to give remote access to the subscribed databases. To use this service there is no need for new software to be installed on your computer or change internet settings.

The members of LSMU community connect themselves to the remote access system with LSMU general user name and password. Please write for technical support – , tel. (8-37) 395803, local tel. 1008.

LSMU Library VPN (Virtual Private Network) – a network service, which allows LSMU students and employees to connect safely to the university computer network. After signing up for VPN you will be provided with remote access to the subscribed databases. VPN installation and configuration instructions.

Information for registration:

Users who want to use VPN service must send a letter to the addresses given above. Information must be provided: employees – their name, surname and faculty, email address given by LSMU, students – their name, surname and faculty, email address. It is necessary to insert word “VPN” in a subject area of the email. Information for registration will be sent to your email.

WiFi is also available at the Library. For registration use LSMU general username and password (FirstClass, LSMUSIS, LSMU e-mail, etc.). If you are still unable to connect to Wi-Fi with your device, please come to the Library: the 1st floor, 105. More information: tel. (8-37) 39 60 49, local tel. 5306.

We recommend that you create personal accounts in the databases that allow this. You can also access the database remotely by logging in to the database.

It is forbidden to download articles, books and other e-resources in large quantities! Access to databases is blocked if vendors notice disproportionately large downloads!

The SPSS Campus Professional Desktop software package allows detailed data preparation and statistical analysis. Access to SPSS is available:
– computers no. 1-20 (Library and information centre computer classroom on the 4th floor);
– 5 computers (VA Library);
– personal account (apply for a personal license at

ATLAS.ti software is a powerful workbench for the qualitative analysis of large bodies of textual, graphical, audio and video data. Sophisticated tools help you to arrange, reassemble, and manage your material in creative, yet systematic ways. ATLAS.ti is installed on a computer no. 21 (computer classroom on the 4th floor). For login information please contact a librarian in the reading room. User manual.

Usage of information without copyright violation. Information from the subscribed databases must be used only for scientific, study or educational purposes. Information can be copied (transferred to a computer, printed and etc.) only in small amounts.It is strictly prohibited to copy information completely, to transfer data to third parties, upload to Internet or use for commercial purposes. In Lithuania, copyrights are protected by the Republic of Lithuania on Copyright and Related Rights Act.

Please use the latest version of web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.) or upgrade your device to use Wi-Fi. If the time and date on your computer are incorrect, you may receive the message “The security certificate has expired or is not yet valid.” To resolve this issue, ensure that the time, date and the time zone are set correctly. If you are still unable to connect to Wi-Fi with your device, please come to the Library: the 1st floor, 105.