Novel Product Designed to Enhance Oral Recovery Following Dental Surgery Introduced to the Public

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On Tuesday, the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) presented a one of a kind product design to aid in the post-dental surgery healing of the oral cavity after dental surgery. The Fitodenta product, developed by LSMU and other biotechnology scientists and health innovation experts, is expected to become an effective alternative to the current post-operative care products for dental patients.

Product Development Brings Together Researchers from Different Fields

Fitodenta is designed for application following tooth extraction, dental implants, or other oral procedures that leave wounds and swelling. The product’s proprietary formulas are based on natural substances of plant origin.

This innovative product has been developed by the Fitodenta group of companies in collaboration with the LSMU researchers of pharmaceutical technologies and scientists at the LSMU Pharmacy as well as the Lithuanian biochemistry specialists.

The presentation of Fitodenta was attended by researchers from the Department of Drug Technology of the LSMU Faculty of Pharmacy and the University Pharmacy: Prof. Jurga Bernatonienė, Doctor of Biomedical Sciences Rimantas Pečiūra, Assoc. Prof. Gailutė Drakšienė, as well as by dentists, project investors, pharmaceutical specialists, and representatives of other fields.

“We are delighted with the positive results of the joint effort by the LSMU Department of Drug Technology and the Pharmacy in close cooperation with Fitodenta. Our long-term cooperation since 2015 has undoubtedly contributed to the success of this project. We are confident that further cooperation between LSMU and the Fitodenta group of companies will be mutually beneficial, and will bring benefit to the society,” shared the developers of the product Prof. J. Bernatonienė and Dr. R. Pečiūra.

LSMU representatives explained the product development pathway to the participants and presented the research results supporting its effectiveness. Meanwhile, Fitodenta representatives presented the product applications and outstanding therapeutic properties.

Efficacy Verified by Research

The efficacy of the active ingredients of natural origin used in the product of Fitodenta has been verified by the study conducted among the consumers. It helped to significantly reduce pain and swelling and, when used in combination with traditional post-operative drugs as an adjuvant, it accelerated healing by up to 40%.

“The product is designed for application following tooth extraction, dental implant, and other simpler or more complex oral procedures that leave wounds, inflammation, and swelling. The natural substances in the formula mitigate inflammation and promote healing, reducing the need for antibiotics. As you know, the World Health Organisation has emphasised the problem of growing antibiotic resistance in the society and the need to reduce the use of antibiotics. Fitodenta products cannot replace antibiotics, but they can contribute to the reduction of their use,” said Tomas Andrejauskas, CEO of Fitodenta.

According to the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), at least 30% of outpatient antibiotic prescriptions are unnecessary, and the overuse of antibiotics is contributing to the growing number of bacterial infections that are becoming resistant to antibacterial drugs.

The Fitodenta product is enriched with natural plant extracts, which are combined with purified natural plant substances with strong anti-inflammatory properties to ensure maximum efficacy.

The product set consists of two preparations: a mouth spray and a cosmetic gel. Consumer studies have shown that the best effect is achieved when both products are used in combination: the spray in the oral cavity on the affected gums and mucous membranes, and the gel – externally on the swollen area.

These products are intended for temporary use and should be used as advised by a dentist or other healthcare professional.

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