Our Guosta Freshers Camp 2023 Experience: An Unforgettable Adventure

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Imagine the beautiful Lithuanian homestead Guosta, a cultural melting pot where students from all over the globe come together to have fun and create meaningful relationships. Over a hundred international students, coming from all over the world, gathered at Guostas Freshers Camp from September 15 to September 17, 2023. We were prepared for a time of games, fun, new friendships, and personal development. Let’s explore the amazing adventure that we all took together

Team-building activities

The camp’s organizers made sure that there was never a boring moment. The schedule was bursting with events meant to promote friendships, competitiveness, and collaboration. Participants were pushed beyond their comfort zones and urged to cooperate through heart-pounding team-building activities such as “tug of war”, “sack races” and “water polo”. The “flirty ball” and the “egg and spoon race with a twist” created laughter and good times that will be remembered forever.

Sports, games, competitions, and a pageant night gave the camp a competitive element. Sports fans, trivia buffs, and those with hidden abilities all had their chance to shine.

The Great Journey: Scavenger Hunt

The scavenger hunt was unquestionably the highlight of Guostas Freshers Camp. Participants in this exciting journey were sent on a mission to discover Guosta´s breathtaking natural beauty while resolving puzzles and conquering obstacles. Each person who participated in the hunt experienced a sense of achievement and success they will treasure forever. The Scavengers hunt challenged not only their brains but also their physical capabilities.

Relaxing and Pleasure

In the middle of fun activities, students also found some time to relax. The evening celebrations, which included music and dancing, were the ideal setting for people to let loose and celebrate new connections. After a day of adrenaline-pumping adventures, a sauna, and a jacuzzi was the cherry on top that allowed students to relax and rest.

Excitement, friendship, independence, growth, and happiness among students

The Guosta Freshers Camp 2023 led the participants to experience a wide range of emotions. As the students left for Guosta, the anticipation could be felt. As the days went on, relationships and

friendships became stronger. Navigating the difficulties and possibilities given throughout the camp gave many youngsters a renewed feeling of freedom.

As students overcame their concerns, challenged their comfort zones, and acquired confidence, personal growth emerged as a recurring theme. The camp was successful in creating enduring memories and connections, as seen by the attendees’ joy.

Dedicated and Skilled Organizers

The camp’s efficient operation was the result of the diligent service of a group of 18 committed organizers. Every part of the event exhibited their expertise and attention to detail. The organizers were important in making the Guosta Freshers Camp a huge success, handling everything from logistics to individual requirements. It was clear that the camp organizers’ initiative and welcoming environment served as an encouragement for the campers´ to participate in all activities and enjoy the time at the camp.


The Guosta Freshers Camp 2023 was an overwhelming success, giving students lifelong experiences, new connections, and opportunities for personal development. It highlighted the value of uniting people from all over the world in an atmosphere of adventure, fellowship, and friendship. The expertise and passion of the organizers were crucial in developing a setting where students felt inspired, supported, and at home. Participants left the camp with their hearts full of gratitude and a lifetime of memories as it came to an end.

Written by Christabell Madondo. Photos by organizers