The activities of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences were evaluated positively

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Study Quality Evaluation Centre (SKVC) has completed the external evaluation of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU).  An international group of experts of the SKVC has drawn up the conclusions of the assessment of LSMU’s activities, evaluating LSMU’s activities positively.

LSMU activities were evaluated according to four evaluation areas: Management was evaluated as very good, Quality Assurance as good, Study and Research Activities as very good, and Influence on the Development of the Region and the Country as very good.

Based on these conclusions of the external evaluation and in response to the Higher Education Institution Committee recommendation, SKVC has made the decision to evaluate LSMU activities positively. Positive evaluation of the activities assures the University’s accreditation for 7 years.

The international group of experts who evaluated the University have established 8 examples of good practice and have implemented 12 recommendations for improving the activities.

2023 LSMU activity evaluation conclusions and recommendations can be found here: link.

We kindly invite the LSMU community to get to know the conclusions of the evaluation until 16 October, and to actively propose actions and means to implement the proposed recommendations.

You can send your suggestions and recommendations here: link, also by email