Objectives of the Student Affairs Office:

  • To represent the interests of University students and provide them with relevant information.
  • To cooperate with student organisations, graduates (Alumni), employers, social partners and their uniting organisations and all departments of the University, in order to ensure the strengthening of student-oriented studies and student well-being.
  • To expand the possibilities of providing services unrelated to the process of conducting and organising studies and coordinate the organisation of psychological and social assistance for students at the University.
  • To carry out student admission.
  • To expand students’ career opportunities, to develop career planning skills and to aim for a high level of university graduates
Student Affairs Office
+370 37 395 809 studentutarnyba@lsmu.lt
A.Mickevičiaus g. 7, Kaunas, Lietuva
Dr. Laura Malakauskienė
Dean of Student Affairs