The Student Affairs Office (SAO) is a dynamic team passionately dedicated to fostering the well-being and career success of LSMU students.


  • Champion the cause of student welfare and provide the most recent information.
  • Foster collaborative relationships with student organisations, graduates, alumni, employers, social partners, their organisations, and all University departments to develop and support a student-centric study environment and student well-being.
  • Develop and coordinate initiatives offering psychological, social, and financial support to students, including those with disabilities or special needs, and those who may have experienced discrimination, harassment, or any form of unethical behaviour within the University, ensuring they are heard and assisted.
  • Broaden career opportunities for students, help them develop career planning skills, and provide consultation on internship and employment-related issues.
  • Manage student admissions and promote the studies at the University.


Doc. Laura Malakauskienė
Dean of the Student Affairs
The responsibilities include ensuring the delivery of support services to students, identifying student needs, and orchestrating their fulfilment; active collaboration with all student organisations, graduates, alumni, and social partners; active participation in showcasing study programmes and in the student admissions process.
Vitalija Skipskienė
Administrative Assistant
The responsibilities include the administration of additional internships and financial support for students with disabilities (earmarked payments, financial assistance); efficient day-to-day administrative operations of the SAO; updating the students on issues related to their academic well-being.
Linas Šablinskas
The responsibilities include forging collaborations with Lithuanian educational institutions and our University’s social partners; active participation in publicising the LSMU study programmes, and orchestrating associated events; supervision of the administration and development of our internship system, and monitoring and analysis of the graduate employment data.
Silvija Žukaitė
Career Consultant
The responsibilities include providing one-to-one career consultation to students and graduates; providing feedback on employment-related documents; conducting personality assessments and facilitating the group career sessions; showcasing of the opportunities for work, internships, and volunteering
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marija Stankevičienė
Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee
The responsibilities include counselling of applicants and conducting admissions to first-, second-cycle, and integrated study programmes and additional studies; cooperation with representatives of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport and of the LAMA BPO (general system for admission to Lithuanian higher educational institutions).


Student Affairs Office
+370 37 395 809 studentutarnyba@lsmu.lt
A.Mickevičiaus g. 7, Kaunas, Lietuva
Dr. Laura Malakauskienė
Dean of Student Affairs