Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine

Examination Centre

The aim of the Examination Centre (EC) under the Faculty of Medicine is to organise and conduct high-quality and representative examinations/tests/objective structured clinical examination, to reflect the expertise of the University, and to safeguard the University’s copyright over the developed products.


The Faculty of Medicine of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences conducts large-scale examinations: the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), final exams of the Medicine study programme, and the common exams of the Medicine study programme (over 100 students). The Examination Centre of the Faculty of Medicine was approved as an internal project in July 2023 to ensure the efficient organisation of large-scale examinations, to provide the maximum possible protection against the use of artificial intelligence, and to guarantee delivery and quality assurance. The Centre’s activities include:

  • Statistical and psychometric analysis of the exams
  • Hearing of appeals
  • Drafting of methodological guidelines
  • Support to the teachers holding the exams (career development, certification/attestation)
  • Research and scientific activities
  • Involvement of other LSMU faculties in the EC activities

Examination Centre
Eivenių St. 4, Kaunas
Doc. dr. Ingrida Grabauskytė
The Head of Examination Centre