The aim of the Department of Health Management is to play an active role in the development of the personal and public health care system through the following activities:

  • training and development of personal and public health professionals and health management specialists, providing knowledge and professional skills in public health, its management, leadership and health law;
  • conducting research on health management and law;
  • involvement in health policy making and strategy development and implementation, and optimisation of health care facilities;
  • collaboration with other organisations and institutions that have an impact on population health, health care, health management research and education.

The Department coordinates the Master’s degree programme in Public Health Management, established in 1997. Since 2000, the Department has been running a part-time Master’s Degree in Public Health Management, and since 2020, the Master’s Degree programme has also been offered in English.

Since 2020, a dual degree diploma in Public Health Management and Governance and Leadership in European Public Health has been offered in partnership with Maastricht University.

CPD courses are organised periodically for the managers of healthcare facilities and medical auditors.

The Department trains doctoral degree students in public health by focusing the doctoral dissertation topics on the practical priorities of Lithuanian health care and international projects. The teachers at Department are actively involved in expert activities in Lithuania and foreign countries and in health policy making.


The Department was founded in 1951 and was headed by J. Parnarauskas (1904–1953) until 1953. In 1953, the Department was merged with the Department of Hygiene. In 1953–1956, the Department was headed by Prof. J. Šopauskas (1900–1968). From 1 September 1956, the Department of Social Medicine operated independently. It was headed by M. Zaikauskas (1924–1988) until 1960, and by Assoc. Prof. S. Kindziulis (1930–2008) from 1961 to 1977.  In 1977, the Department was merged back with the Department of Hygiene. In 1977–1980, the joint department was headed by Assoc. Prof. J. Rauba, in 1980–1986 – by Assoc. Prof. V. Obelenis (Professor since 1991), in 1986–1991 – by Prof. J. Petrauskienė (1933–2014). The Department of Social Medicine became independent again in September 1991. Prof. J. Petrauskienė was elected Head of the Department. Since 2001, Prof. Ramunė Kalėdienė has been the Head of the Department, which was renamed the Department of Health Management.


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Two research topics are developed at the Department: “Health Inequalities in the Lithuanian Population and its Care” (head: Prof. Habil. Dr. R. Kalėdienė) and “’Analysis of Health Care Quality and Management” (head: Prof. Dr. S. Sauliūnė).

Doctoral dissertations on the following research topics are currently being prepared at the Department:

  • Forecasts of the demand for medical doctors and health services in the context of the Lithuanian health reform 2025–2035.
  • Assessing the rights of younger and older elderly people in the health care system.

Past research projects:

  • “Elderly Abuse: A Multinational Prevalence Survey” by Karolinska Institute (ABUEL, 2008–2010);
  • “Best Practices in Health Services for Immigrants in Europe” by Queen Mary University of London (EUGATE, 2008-2010)
  • European Urban Health Indicators System: Using Indicators to Inform Policy (EURO URHIS 2, 2009-2012)
  • LEPHIE (Leadership for Public Health in Europe, 2010–1013);
  • Establishment of the Centre for Practical Training in Public Health, Nursing, and Rehabilitation (2012);
  • “Development of the model for the Strengthening of the Capacities to Identify and Reduce Health Inequalities” funded under the Norway Grants framework (2014–2017);
  • “NGO Strengthening for Provision of Quality Services” conducted together with the Order of Malta (2019–2020);
  • National COVID-19 Sero-Epidemiological Adult Population Survey (2020);
  • National Project “Ensuring the Dignity of Persons with Serious and Incurable Diseases at the End of Life in Lithuania: Concepts, Expectations, Opportunities and Obstacles” (2020–2021).

Ongoing research projects:

  • Continuous mortality inequality studies conducted jointly with the Rotterdam University since 2003: Tackling Health Inequalities in Europe: an Integrated Approach LIFEPATH;
  • International project “Towards Elimination of Cervical Cancer: Intelligent and Personalized Solutions for Cancer Screening” conducted jointly with partners since 2020;
  • Project “The Study of Seroprevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Lithuania”, 2022–2023


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