Career planning


Career planning can be a real creative process in which we express ourselves. The decisions made in this process are among the most important in life, as they inevitably affect many areas of life: family, leisure, income, self-realisation, and so on.  Although career planning competencies are developed in schools, we often lack certain knowledge or skills that ensure conscious and independent decision-making.

It is great that we can continue to improve and responsibly build our unique career during our studies!

Find out what you don’t know. Download the Career Planning Competency Wheel and self-assess your Career Planning knowledge and skills, and the Competency Wheel will help you see the big picture –  your strengths and areas for improvement. Be honest with yourself.

 Career Planning Competency Wheel GM

What to do next? Improve! You can do this in two ways:

Consult with a specialist. Register for an individual career counselling – it will help you develop faster and feel stronger. Analyse the tasks performed together, find valuable information, overcome difficulties.

Improve yourself. We will provide literature (book and task booklets) for individual knowledge deepening and competence development. Here is one task for self-improvement:



In order to promote the employment of students and graduates, the Career Centre of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences (LSMU) offers you to provide your personal data related to employment.
If the LSMU Career Centre is reached by a job advertisement suitable for you, we will inform you personally according to the data provided by you.
Your data will not be transferred to third parties without your express consent.

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Use the recommendations and templates below to prepare properly for a job interview. Or maybe you plan to continue your studies? Use the recommendations and prepare properly for the motivational interview.

For the candidate – it is a way to present:

  • Who they are: qualification, competencies, experience, achievements;
  • What they are striving for: the aims of their work and career;
  • How will they be beneficial to the organisation: what will they be able to accomplish and what problems will they solve in the organisation.


CV template

You can find more CV design options here.

It is an opportunity to present oneself positively, to demonstrate knowledge about the organisation, to express one’s enthusiasm and aspirations: why this organisation, position, activity is of interest. It is an opportunity to be motivated to be selected for further process.

Recommendation for writing a Motivational Letter

Sent to the employer to thank them for the previous interview. Not only does it make you stand out from the competition, but it also brings you to the employer’s attention once again.

Writing your thank you letter

Thank you letter example

The questions asked in the job interview are designed to find out and decide whether you are suitable for the position, whether you are a good fit for the team, and whether your values are aligned with those of the organisation.




Do you want us to review and provide feedback on your job search documents or motivational letter for your studies (their strengths and areas for improvement)? Before submitting it to potential employers and the Motivational Interview Commission, send it to us for an evaluation and get individual recommendations for improving your motivational letter!