Library rules

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  • The documents in the reading rooms (textbooks, scientific publications, informational publications, art publications, visual and audio documents, periodicals, manuscripts, old and rare documents) are used only on site;
  • Documents can be transferred to other reading rooms only with the permission of a reading room employee;
  • It is forbidden to carry anatomy models to other floors;
  • It is forbidden to eat and leave rubbish;
  • Arbitrarily moving or carrying furniture (chairs) to other rooms is prohibited;
  • Documents ordered from storage to reading rooms are not loaned to the home;
  • Library documents, marked with a special sign, are issued to homes for a limited period;
  • A fee is charged for a document not returned on time – 0.14 EUR for each late day;
  • In the reading rooms, the rules of behaviour in public places are observed: save and protect library documents, do not damage the inventory, do not disturb the work of others, do not use mobile phones and observe silence;
  • Readers who try to steal or damage books lose their right to use the library. Such behaviour is reported to faculty deans and supervisors;
  • A lost or damaged library document, computer or its accessory must be compensated at the same or equivalent demand and market price;
  • Users of the library who do not comply with the established procedure may be temporarily or permanently deprived of the right to use the services provided by the library.
  • Documents (prints, CDs, etc.) can be borrowed for taking home only for LSMU students and employees who have an employee or student ID card;
  • Documents can be ordered online from the eLibrary; the deadlines for returning documents are indicated there;
  • The ordered documents must be picked up in the account within 2 days;
  • Documents from open funds can be taken out only after registering their issuance on a self-service computer or at a librarian;
  • No more than 5 units are issued when ordering from warehouses, and the quantity is unlimited from open funds;
  • The deadlines for returning documents can be extended up to 200 days if other users do not want them. Documents marked with green stickers can be extended up to 60 days. This can be done from any computer with internet access (online classroom, home, etc.): LSMU Virtual Library / My library card.
  • A fee is charged for a document not returned on time – 0.14 EUR for each late day. Publications will not be lent if the amount of interest collected exceeds 12 Eur. Interest on arrears may be paid in instalments.

Textbook lending

The number of copies lent at one time Unlimited
Lending term 21 days
Period of extension allowed 200 days
Period of extension allowed for teaching staff 12 months

Lending of books in open reading rooms

Books for user groups The number of copies lent at one time Deadline for issue Extension period
Books with green stickers For LSMU students and all employees 6 11 days 60 days
Books with red stickers In the reading room
Books with blue stickers For LSMU students and all employees 6 21 days 70 days
Fiction books (without stickers) For LSMU students and all employees 6 30 days 60 days
Popular scientific cognitive literature from reading rooms (without stickers) For LSMU students and all employees 6 21 days 60 days

Short – term lending of books

Deadline for issue The number of copies lent at one time
For the night 4
For a weekend 3
For 1 day 5
For 3 days 8

Lending of repository books

Deadline for issue 10 days 1 month
The number of copies lent at one time 5 5
Extension period 60 days 60 days

Available books ordered from the repository are delivered to the service point on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00 within 30 minutes.

Make sure the barcode on the label of the book you are returning is the same as the one on your account. In case of exchange of copies, the system will register the returned book not to you, but to the person who took it.

  • The computers in the reading rooms can be used by all members of the university community, employees of clinics and institutes;
  • Internet search engines and medical databases and medical databases on CD-ROM are available:
    • the computers on the 2nd floor and on the 3rd and 4th floors near the shelves are for searching only;
    • computers in the Internet reading room are intended for searching in Internet search systems, databases, using e-mail, etc.
    • the library has a wireless Internet connection, you can use your own laptops in all reading rooms;
    • personal files and documents are not stored;
    • individually loaned computers and their accessories are allowed to be used only in BIC premises.
    • borrowed computers or their accessories must be returned on the same day, no later than one and a half hour before the end of the BIC working day;
    • changing passwords is prohibited;
  • Deleting existing files, installing programs, changing program configuration is strictly prohibited;
  • Do not turn off the computer after finishing work.

Attention! When saving documents created in Microsoft Office Word (2007), pay attention to the proposed formats (Save as), choose the most acceptable for you. Previous versions of Microsoft Office Word do not support the “*.docx” format.

  • Group learning classes are reserved only for the academic community of LSMU University and only for group learning purposes.
  • Reservations can be made on the group learning class reservation system by logging in with an LSMU information system username and password;
  • Group learning classes are reserved in the MA library from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., in the VA library from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., for the duration of 2 academic hours, once a day, for a group of no less than 5, only for a group of the same persons;
  • Rooms reserved for group learning:

Eivenių st. 6: meeting room No. 305, accommodating up to 10; group learning classes No. 404, 406, and 407 – 20 persons each;

Tilžės st. 18: group work rooms No. 1, 2, 3, containing 6 each, No. 4 and seminar room—up to 8 persons;

  • It is possible to place a reservation for a group learning class no earlier than 3 days in advance. Reservations made the same day will not be accepted.
  • As you reserve, you need to choose a class in which you plan to study, specify the faculty, course, group (e.g., MF II 3gr.), and the number of people.
  • If necessary, you can order a computer and a projector by activating the Add link;
  • Accessories (computers or projectors) are issued and accepted by library staff;
  • During unoccupied time, group learning classes can be used by users without prior reservation;
  • If you are not going to use the reservation, you must cancel it;
  • Reservations may be cancelled for users who do not follow the reservation and usage rules of group learning rooms.
Late fees and damage compensation

For overdue lending, the system will charge you interest at the rate of 0.14 Eur per copy for one late calendar day. Publications will not be lent to you if the amount of interest collected exceeds12 Eur. Interest on arrears may be paid in instalments. Payments are accepted at the library office, or you can pay online.

For damaged or lost library books, we accept books of the same value from the list of books required by the Library. Check with your librarian in advance.