LSMU Alumni Community Membership

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Fulfil your potential through enriching encounters, joint causes, and cooperation. Let’s build an ongoing, mutually rewarding relationship, strengthen the community, and uphold the mission of the University.

Community spirit and networking

You are encouraged and welcome to share your professional experience and information, ask questions and get recommendations about other professionals, and job opportunities that will help you advance your career.  You will be able to find and interact with your course mates, other colleagues from your studies, and renew your contacts with your teachers.

Engagement and cooperation

You are welcome to participate in the University’s community-building activities. We encourage you to develop innovation, science, and entrepreneurship together. Let’s develop a culture of volunteering, enabling each other to thrive in it.

Get access to the latest news here and now

You will receive updates in the Alumni Newsletter on the University’s highlights, workshops, events, and information on innovations and calls for collaboration.   You will also become acquainted to most prominent alumni and visiting guests.


Listening to open lectures and study modules

Listen to one or more courses as an auditor, attend conferences, open lectures, training courses, workshops, and other academic events. Participation in such events is a great opportunity to refresh knowledge, strengthen competences, and share experiences and insights.

Library services

By joining the Alumni network of the LSMU Community, you will have access to the library’s open document collections and reading rooms as well as subscription databases. More information about LSMU Library activities here.

Space rental

Are you intending to hold a conference, training, workshop, or maybe a research or start-up presentation? Rent the University’s amazing spaces for events with a 10% discount! You can rent spaces in various faculties, Central Building, library units, and the LSMU Emmanuel Levin Centre.  

For space rental, please contact the department responsible for the space concerned directly or email us at, and we will assist you!

Sports Centre services

Work out at the LSMU Sports Centre and be healthier! 

By joining the LSMU Community Alumni Network, you will be able to take part in the group sports sessions; visit the gym; take part in projects organised at the Health and Sports Centre; join live training sessions such as basketball, volleyball and others, as well as remote workouts.  

Lifelong learning

Should you need specific knowledge and competences, you are welcome choose to audit one or more study subjects. The University also organises a number of open lectures and workshops each year in cooperation with its social partners for the continued development of professional, general, and career-related competences.

Publishing services

The LSMU Academic Publishing Office regularly publishes scientific, informational, representative, and science popularisation books, teaching aids, and scientific periodicals. Get a 10% discount on editing and layout services by joining the LSMU Community Alumni Network. More details here. For services, please contact, and we will help you.

LSMU events and conferences

Attend LSMU events, conferences, and training. Each event will provide excellent opportunities for development, co-creation, and networking. Find out more about the events here.


  • Alumni interviews in the “Inspiring Conversations” video series
  • “Alumnus networking brunches” cycles
  • Alumni master classes
  • “Alumni Days” during the annual LSMU Culture Week
  • Open to Alumni – Homecoming at Faculties
  • Active alumni engagement in their Faculties
  • University events and conferences
  • Lifelong learning opportunities

Any questions, ideas, or suggestions? You are welcome to contact the Alumni Coordinator at

  • Project “Mentoring Programme” by the LSMU Student’s Scientific Society Board
  • Sharing experiences with students
  • Creating practice placements and mentoring opportunities
  • Participation in the “Try on the Alumni Chair” initiative

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Student Affairs Office here.


  • Giving lectures/presentations
  • School visits

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Student Affairs Office here.


  • Mentoring, scientific, or practical supervision of student works
  • Collaboration in health innovation development project activities
  • Collaboration in research

Any questions, ideas, or suggestions? You are welcome to contact the Alumni Coordinator at

  • Creating opportunities to volunteer in your organisation or company
  • Volunteering opportunities offered by the University

Any questions, ideas, or suggestions? You are welcome to contact the Alumni Coordinator at

Become the Alumni of the LSMU Community