Department of Physics, Mathematics and Biophysics

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The vision of the Department of Physics, Mathematics and Biophysics is an open, dynamic part of the university, developing and providing the highest level of knowledge and competences in the field of physics, mathematics and biophysics in studies and university research work.

The main distinctive feature of the Department of Physics, Mathematics and Biophysics is interdisciplinary studies and scientific research. Information technology, physics and mathematics sciences come together here. Particular attention is paid to the quality of studies, new subjects are constantly offered, considering the rapidly changing modern technologies and their use in educating health science specialists.


The mission of the Department is to provide students with the theoretical foundations of the subjects taught in the department and provide opportunities to acquire the skills of applying theoretical knowledge in practice during practice and laboratory work, as well as to develop their analytical and critical thinking when making decisions in their scientific works.


The department teaches students of the first cycle and integrated study programs of all seven faculties, as well as students of the second cycle study programs of three faculties.

The final master theses of the students of the Medical study program of the Faculty of Medicine are defended in the Department every year.

In the Department, students of Orthopedic dentistry residency study “Health Data Management and Analysis in Dentistry”, while Veterinary imaging residents study “Computer Technology”.

PhD students are taught the following study subjects: “Mathematical Statistics and its Applications”, “Interaction Between Cells” and “Medical Physics”.

The lecturers of the Department actively conduct InoEdu training for LUHS teachers on the following topics: statistical and psychometric analysis of the Moodle test and test questions; data research; statistical data analysis.

At the request of students, the professors of the department conduct seminars on the application of statistical methods in the analysis of scientific data for members of students scientific societies of various faculties.

The professors of the department participate in the project “Improving the quality of LUHS studies and related processes, increasing the potential of human resources” No. 09.3.1-ESFA-V-738-04-0001, where they conduct training for teachers and students.

The topic of scientific work carried out in the Department:

Applied Methods of Physics and Mathematics in Biomedicine:

  •  Mathematical Modeling in Tissue and Biomaterials Engineering (supervisor: prof. Arvaidas Galdikas);
  • Analysis of Biomedical Signals and Images, Clinical Decision Support (supervisor: prof. Algimantas Kriščiukaitis);
  • Research and Statistical Analysis of Health Data (supervisor: assoc. prof. Renata Paukštaitienė).

The staff of the department are members of the Lithuanian Union of Statisticians, Lithuanian Neuroscience Association, Lithuanian Mathematicians, Lithuanian Biophysicists, Medical Physicists, Lithuanian Physicists, Lithuanian Material Researchers and European Physic Societies.


The lecturers of the Department actively participate in educational activities. They give lectures at science popularization events: “Researchers’ Night”, “Spaceship Earth”, “International Hadron Therapy Masterclass”.

The professors of the Department cooperate with other Lithuanian and foreign universities. Joint events and conferences are organized (the LXIII conference of the Lithuanian Mathematicians Society dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the University of Lithuania, the international conference-seminar “Medical Physics in the Baltic States”, the annual international conference “BIOSTEC: BIOIMAGING”, the international conference “1st International / 4th National Health Services Congress”). Professors from foreign universities are invited to share their scientific and pedagogical experience.

The professors of the department are always open to the ideas of new projects and initiatives.

Department of Physics, Mathematics and Biophysics
Assoc. Prof. Renata Paukštaitienė
Head of the Department of Physics, Mathematics and Biophysics
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