The Journal of Medical and Health Sciences Education for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (MEDH-EECA, ISSN 2783-6797 is an annual, peer-reviewed, international general research and practice journal)


The purpose of the MED-EECA is to advance knowledge and disseminate research findings that are directly relevant to the practice of health science education, including multiple fields of medical, public health, nursing, and pharmaceutical training. The journal publishes scholarly papers on all aspects of health science education including:

peer review evaluation and case studies; institutional accreditation and training programme accreditation related materials; the theory, practice and policies relating to management, improvement of quality in medical and other health sciences education; new initiatives and models in learning and teaching that impact on quality and standards; links between quality assurance and employability of health care staff; evaluation of the impact of quality procedures at national level; theoretical and practical analyses of quality and quality initiatives in health science training; comparative studies between institutions or countries, etc.

In particular, the journal specifically aims to become a platform available for Eastern European and Central Asian countries to share the new ideas and demonstrate rapid and significant advancements in reforming the training of human recourses for healthcare.

Original articles with scientific investigations and systematic literature reviews are welcomed from professionals of other health related fields on issues that have a direct impact on the area of staff training and strengthen evidence-based practice. Letters to the editor with commentaries on published papers or research and clinical issues, as well as short communications, will be taken into consideration and not left unanswered. This journal also provides space for announcements and an international calendar for professional conferences in the area of training of health care professionals.

Short running description:

MEDH-EECAis an annual, peer-reviewed, international general research journal publishing scholarly

papers on the wide range of topics related to education in the field of health sciences and training of  human resources for health care.